Is your memory up to par? Find out with this "Finish the Penny line" Big Bang Theory quiz!

There's 12 seasons worth of lines just from Penny. Do you think you can remember them all?
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The Big Bang Theory saw our favorite set of scientists try to answer some of the biggest mysteries of the universe. And one mystery us fans have been left with is what in the world is Penny's last name? It was never revealed! This is a funny thing to think about. Of course we're not obsessing over it. But it was a big mystery we were hoping to find out by the end of the series. It didn't happen, but that's ok!

Played by Kaley Cuoco, Penny may have been the typical blonde girl next door at first, but her character grew into so much more. She had a lot to offer. And though she may not be a scientist like the the rest of her friends, she's smart in other ways they aren't. Over the 12 seasons of TBBT, she had some pretty great lines that still make me laugh. How's your memory? Can you remember them all? Find out with our 'finish the Penny line' Big Bang Theory quiz now!

So how'd you? 10/10 I'm sure. Right? There's many of you fellow hardcore TBBT fans out there that I know have the show memorized by heart. One of my favorites is "It's rough when Halloween and PMS hit at the same time." I mean, hilariously relatable! Same, girl. But when truly standout moment is "Leonard, look. Sheldon's hugging me." This was such an unexpectedly sweet moment and one of the first steps towards the great Penny and Sheldon friendship that happens over the years.

And that was truly one of my favorite parts of the series! It was seeing Penny and Shelodn's relationship. Because at first, he really didn't want to interact with her. You know, typical Sheldon not wanting to meet new people or disturb the delicate balance of their friend group. But she grows on him, and the two become best buds. It was truly heartwarming.

In the later seasons, Penny became a bit mean towards Leonard and the direction her character went in wasn't always my favorite. It's still as shame I think that she didn't find success in a career that she loved. It didn't necessarily have to be acting. But perhaps another newly discovered passion? She wasn't too crazy on working as a pharmaceutical sales rep and never found that job that she truly cared about. It was a missed opportunity I think on the writers' end. Well in my mind, she goes on to find that perfect career! Penny wasn't perfect, but she's definitely an integral part of this wonderful comedy and is still one of my favorite characters. What about you?

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