Fire Country has its sheriff and Morena Baccarin is perfect for the role (here's where you know the actress from)

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A Fire Country spin-off has been teased since the hiatus as we've waited for the hit CBS show's return. Not much was known about the potential series outside of the focus being a sheriff. With the season 2 premiere fast approaching, the idea for this character has expanded. While a spin-off might be out of the cards if TPTB decide to fold the sheriff into the flagship series, we do at least know who will be in charge of protecting the town: Morena Baccarin!

The actress, who wasn't on my short list of choices but nonetheless is perfect for the role, is no stranger to action. Marvel fans know her as Vanessa Carlysle in the Deadpool movies. DC fans have a long history with Baccarin as she voiced Talia al Ghul in Son of Batman and Batman: Bad Blood, the Black Canary in Justice League: Unlimited, Cheetah in Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and Gideon in The CW's The Flash as well as starred in all five seasons of Gotham as Leslie Thompkins. Not to mention her breakout role was Inara Serra in the cult classic Firefly.

Baccarin is an Emmy nominated actress having received a nod for supporting actress thanks to her work in Homeland as Jessica Brody. She's also led her own television series with The Endgame, a short-lived NBC heist drama where she played Elena Federova, a world renowned criminal mastermind.

Obviously, Baccarin has the range and she's going to need it because her character, Mickey, is a Sheriff's Deputy who has been in the position for 15 years. Reportedly, she knows Edgewater like the back of her hand and all of the town's residents. Mickey's said to be fiercely protective of the area.

Baccarin will make her first appearance in Fire Country likely early on in season 2. However, her episode isn't considered to be a backdoor pilot. We'll keep you posted as more information comes in about the upcoming season which premieres Friday, Feb. 16 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS. Stay tuned to Hidden Remote!