Fire Country season 2 episode 6 recap: The paternity test results are in!

“Alert the Sheriff” – After a fire camp inmate escapes from Three Rock, the deputy sheriff with a surprising connection to the Leones, Mickey (Morena Baccarin), is called to investigate, on FIRE COUNTRY, Friday, April 12 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and streaming on Paramount+ (live and on demand for Paramount+ with SHOWTIME subscribers, or on demand for Paramount+ Essential subscribers the day after the episode airs)*.
“Alert the Sheriff” – After a fire camp inmate escapes from Three Rock, the deputy sheriff with a surprising connection to the Leones, Mickey (Morena Baccarin), is called to investigate, on FIRE COUNTRY, Friday, April 12 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and streaming on Paramount+ (live and on demand for Paramount+ with SHOWTIME subscribers, or on demand for Paramount+ Essential subscribers the day after the episode airs)*. /

Hello, Fire Country fam, I'm back with another recap! We've crossed the halfway mark of season 2 with episode 6, "Alert the Sheriff," and it was a doozy. A lot of information came flying our way thanks to the introduction of Sheriff's Sergeant Mickey Fox, the long awaited character played by Morena Baccarin whose connection to the Leones is a surprising but welcome addition to the franchise.

Like with last recap, this post will be divide into sections so you can hop to the parts you're most interested in reading or that you need a quick refresher on. Please note, this is not a linear recount of what happened in the episode. I'll be starting with the BIG reveal in "Alert the Sheriff" which was whether Bode is Genevieve's father and then I'll be moving into other significant happenings.

With that all said, let's dive right into the drama that unfolded along with what this episode sets us up for in episode 7, "A Hail Mary."

Alert the Sheriff
“Alert the Sheriff” – FIRE COUNTRY, Friday, April 12 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) /

Bode and the Leones find out if he's Genevieve's father

At the top of "Alert the Sheriff," it's revealed that since Cara's passing, Sharon and Vince have been taking care of Genevieve thanks to a court order establishing the two as Genevieve's custodial guardians. It's a measure to ensure she's safe and taken care of now that her mother has passed and because it's assumed that Bode is her father. If that weren't the case she might have remained in Jake's custody but, as it stands, he's so deep in grief that he's been avoiding Genevieve for fear that seeing her is just going to trigger a meltdown that he doesn't want her to have to deal with.

His aloofness, however, is bothering Gen as she's been wanting him to remain in her life and do the things she's come to expect of him like being there for her when she needs him. But her defense mechanism is to brush it off like it doesn't matter though it's obvious it's hurting her. Clocking this, Vince has a talk with Jake about his behavior. Vince encourages him not to make the same mistakes that he did when he lost Riley, he knows what it's like to be trapped in grief and push people away so as not to be a burden to them but in the end it'll do nothing but make him feel alone when he's not.

By the end of the episode, Jake brings the red food coloring Genevieve needs for her volcano experiment for the science fair and is there to help her with it along with Vince, Sharon, Gabriela, and Mickey. As they're watching it erupt, Sharon gets the test results she and her family have been waiting for regarding Genevieve. It turns out Bode isn't her father after all which is a disappointment, but it's not going to stop the Leones from raising her.

She and Mickey have a heart-to-heart about the importance of family and how being blood relatives is not the end all and be all of what makes up a family who care for one another. With that in mind, Sharon and Vince got to Three Rock fire camp to go tell Bode the news. He's obviously upset, but he comes to the same conclusion his parents do. They're going to do right by Cara and make sure Genevieve is surrounded by the love her mother wished for her.

Since a future decision on Gen's custody isn't dependent on her staying with relatives, Bode could still be able to raise her down the road. According to the judge, custody will be awarded to the person, or people, who have her best interests at heart. Genevieve, however, doesn't know yet that Bode isn't her father which means fans should brace for a curveball. It's quite possible that she may want to stay with Jake if that's an option which is sure to cause tension. Jordan Calloway teased just as much in my interview with him about what's next for the grieving captain of 42.

Alert the Sheriff
“Alert the Sheriff” – FIRE COUNTRY, Friday, April 12 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) /

Introducing Mickey Fox

It's been quite the wait but we've finally been introduced to Baccarin's Mickey, and she's not one to trifle with. Her first scene is a helicopter chase as she works to apprehend a fleeing money launderer who's married to a woman she went to high school with. Since he won't ground his helicopter, she calls his cellphone, showing that it's Mickey's deep connections to the people of Edgewater that allow her to do her job effectively.

We also learn that Mickey is Sharon's sister. Their parents had gotten married when they were teens but they split due to Mickey's father dealing drugs. He was notorious enough that the FBI raided their house and that's how they found out about his criminal history. The experience, however, didn't harden her; it made her more empathetic. Mickey knows that sometimes good people do bad things and while it's her job to uphold the law she leads with compassion and understanding.

What she doesn't have time for though is excuses and a refusal to do better. That's why after giving Bode chance after chance she arrested him for stealing. But it's that decision that led to her and Sharon's estrangement. Before the case in "Alert the Sheriff" the two weren't speaking. Mickey called Vince to inform him that she'd need the money the inmates of Three Rock collected when Dean, the fleeing money launderer, threw a duffle of money out of his copter. But it was Sharon who showed up.

Sharon wanted to make amends but Mickey wasn't initially open to the idea. It's while the two are working the case that it's revealed this is due to Sharon not taking Mickey's call when she tried reaching out. She'd been in need of her sister because her daughter, Sky, fell victim to addiction and is now in rehab. As a mother to a recovery addict Sharon knows what that's like.

The pair were able to patch up their relationship once they laid their cards out on the table. Sharon shared that she felt judged by Mickey for the way that she'd raised Bode. She remembered that her sister had said her giving in to Bode's every want would turn him into a monster. Mickey admitted that she had judged Sharon but, in the end, she too raised a child who is now struggling with substance abuse despite the two being reared very differently.

Mickey also pointed out that it had hurt her that Sharon walked out of her life because of a choice she had to make. Bode had crossed the line too many times, and she couldn't look the other way; she couldn't indulge his behavior just because he's her nephew. Sharon was so wrapped up in protecting Bode that, at the time, she couldn't see that something had to give. This whole season has been about her rectifying that mistake, so Sharon does how she damaged her relationships because of her prioritizing Bode over everything.

Alert the Sheriff
“Alert the Sheriff” – FIRE COUNTRY, Friday, April 12 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) /

Who shot the sheriff?

The case of the week does include a fire but that's not the incident that takes center stage in "Alert the Sheriff." The authorities are called when Rudy Varda, an inmate at Three Rock escapes. He's been diagnosed with stage 4 thyroid cancer and, having not seen in son in two years, he makes a break for it since he's terminal and only has six months to live.

The situation gets out of hand while Rudy is on the run. Manny and Gabriela are the first to find him, but Manny isn't able to get through to him, and he takes off running. When his location is given to Mickey, she and Sharon head to the area but while on the road they spot two sheriff vehicles. The sisters are shocked to find Sheriff Fred Watkins and Mickey's colleague Lt. Andy Kubiak on the ground. Unfortunately, the former is dead but Kubiak survived.

His story is that they he came upon Rudy and Fred. The sheriff had his gun trained on Rudy, and Kubiak doesn't know if he might of distracted Fred because the next thing he knew Rudy had the sheriff's gun. If you thought the story was fishy, you're not alone! When Sharon brings Mickey the money Bode convinced Cole to give him after his friend skimmed some from the cash the inmates had to turn in, Mickey puts the pieces together.

She'd noticed the ground had been dry under Kubiak's car but wet under Fred's which indicated that the lieutenant had been the first one to arrive on the scene and not the sheriff. Earlier, she and Sharon had run the distance from where the two were shot and where Rudy was spotted by Manny and even at a sprint the inmate wouldn't have been able to get there in the time Kubiak said he did.

Mickey also remembered that Kubiak knew that Dean had tossed $50,000 from the helicopter even though they only got the chance to count the money after it was collected and the $4,000 that Cole initially took does bring the amount to the 50K Kubiak mentioned. What confirmed her theory was that Fred had told her Dean said they had a corrupt cop in their mix. She posited that he must have told Kubiak the same thing which is why the lieutenant killed him.

It's too bad Bode didn't know any of this information because when he goes to Eve with his concern that vigilantes might kill Rudy if they find him, they have a sit down with Kubiak about where Rudy could be. There's an old fishing cabin that they can get to that's out of the way, and he believes that's where his fellow inmate is. He's correct but Bode's led the killer to Rudy's doorstep.

He learns this when he watches Kubiak pick up a drop gun so that he can frame Rudy for the murder of Sheriff Watkins. The lieutenant then forces him into the fishing cabin. While Kubiak isn't looking, Bode uses the contraband phone he acquired to stay in contact with Genevieve in order to call his mom, so she can hear what's going on.

Rudy makes the mistake of pulling the drop gun from Kubiak's holster putting his fingerprints all over it much to the lieutenant's delight since that was his plan all along. The situation escalates when Bode attacks Kubiak and Rudy's lantern is knocked over in the tussle. The cabin catches fire, but Bode is able to knock the lieutenant out. Rudy wants to make a break for it but Bode convinces him to not let Kubiak turn him into a killer, so all three men leave the cabin together.

By the time Mickey and Sharon arrive on the scene, the cabin is engulfed. Sharon has already contacted 42 so there's no risk of the flames reaching beyond the structure but when Kubiak and Rudy run off, in opposite directions, Mickey charges after her colleague leaving Sharon to unlock Bode so he can go after Rudy.

Mickey, frustrated and angry at Kubiak's actions, violently arrests him and says that she has no sympathy for people like him who betray the badge. Meanwhile, Bode manages to talk Rudy into coming back with him instead of trying to escape once more. He's only got a short time left, and he shouldn't spend it constantly looking over his shoulder.

Back at the fishing cabin, 42 is handling the flames. Gabriela has checked over Kubiak like Mickey asked, and this case is in the books. Mickey tells Sharon and Vince that she's going to include Bode's efforts in this case in her report and that they should be proud. We also get a brief Gode moment as Gabriela says that it's a privilege and a miracle to see how far he's grown since they met. Then she proceeded to look at him walk away like he's hers something she got on him about in episode 3 when he did it. At this point you have to laugh. There's no way she's marrying Diego.

Alert the Sheriff
“Alert the Sheriff” – FIRE COUNTRY, Friday, April 12 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) /

Three Rock is in trouble

The events in "Alert the Sheriff" are set up for episode 7, "A Hail Mary." Rudy escaping and then the belief that he murdered the sheriff triggered escalated security at Three Rock. Though Rudy was cleared of wrong doing once Mickey realized it was actually Kubiak who murdered Fred, it hasn't changed the town's perception of the fire camp putting Edgewater in danger.

Eve, who'd been a part of the press conference earlier in the episode, didn't think that she helped matters when she shared that the inmates aren't locked up at night. With the townspeople not knowing the ins and outs of how the fire camp works, and how people are selected to be a part of the program, it's created fear and a negative reaction so strong that Three Rock is at risk of being closed.

Manny, however, isn't giving up. He successfully convinced Gabriela as a child that her having an incarcerated parent made her more compassionate than her peers. Her empathy, which is a strength, comes from the privilege of being able to bear witness to the growth and transformation the inmates who work the program go through as they do their service work and keep the community safe. He's certain they can spin the narrative again so that Edgewater's citizens will see the beauty in what they're doing at the fire camp.

Fire Country will return with a new episode on Apr. 26 at 9 p.m. ET. Stay tuned to Hidden Remote for more news and coverage!