FOX TV Schedule 2024-2025: New and returning shows plus a packed midseason

RESCUE: HI SURF: L-R: Robbie Magasiva and Arielle Kebbel. RESCUE: HI SURF premieres this Fall on FOX. ©2024 Fox Media LLC. CR: Karen Neal/FOX
RESCUE: HI SURF: L-R: Robbie Magasiva and Arielle Kebbel. RESCUE: HI SURF premieres this Fall on FOX. ©2024 Fox Media LLC. CR: Karen Neal/FOX /

As we've become accustomed to, FOX's schedule for the upcoming television season is a mix of scripted programming, a stocked animation block, unscripted offerings, and sports coverage. The first two nights of the week will see dramas--911: Lone Star, Rescue: Hi Surf, Accused, and Murder in a Small Town--will lead the pack.

Rescue: Hi Surf is a lifeguard drama that the network hopes gets a nice boost from the return of Lone Star. The Hawaii set series follows a force of first responders whose unit is devoted to protecting the people a part of the communities that make up O'ahu's Seven Mile Miracle. But they're also dealing with their own personal drama in their lives and at work.

Joining the roster as a newbie is Murder in a Small Town, a Canadian co-production, which pairs a big city detective with a quaint town's local librarian, in a series that reads as a murder-mystery drama. Whether or not it'll be cozy mystery-esque is up in the air, but it's an intriguing premise that's sure to peak interests.

A new animated series is also making its debut. Universal Basic Guys follows the Hoagie brothers. They've been put on a $3,000/month basic income program after the loss of their jobs to automation. Now, with nothing to do and a lot of free time on top of free money, they're determined to find their purpose in life since they're no longer needed in the work force.

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What's coming to FOX in 2024-2025?


8 p.m. - 9-1-1: Lone Star season 5
9 p.m. - Rescue: Hi Surf (New!)


8 p.m. - Accused season 2
9 p.m. - Murder in a Small Town (New!)


8 p.m. - The Masked Singer season 12
9 p.m. - The Floor season 2


8 p.m. - Hell's Kitchen season 23
9 p.m. - Special Forces: World's Toughest Test season 3


8 p.m. - FOX College Football Friday/Fox College Hoops/Fox UFL


7 p.m. - FOX Sports Saturday


7 p.m. - NFL on Fox
7:30 p.m. - The OT/FOX animation encores
8 p.m. - The Simpsons season 36
8:30 p.m. - Universal Basic Guys (New!)
9 p.m. - Bob's Burgers season 15
9:30 p.m. - Krapopolis season 2

When FOX announced its 2024-2025 slate, the news didn't come with information on when we can expect the series that have been held for the midseason, however, the following programs will premiere in 2025:

As you can see, we can expect three new series come the midseason. Doc is a medical drama that follows Dr. Amy Larsen who suffers a brain injury that causes her to lose 8 years of her life. She goes from being the Chief of Internal and Family Medicine to a woman desperately trying to piece together the life she lost which includes a divorce from her soulmate and precious years with her now teenage daughter. She's also continuing to practice medicine though she's lost nearly a decades worth of knowledge!

Going Dutch is a comedy starring Denis Leary as a U.S. Army Colonel who is stationed at the least important army base in the world which is located in the Netherlends. While there, he attempts to get its soldiers in shape even though they're on a base that seems more concerned with the amenities than basic training. He'll be working along side his estranged daughter, the former interim leader of the base.

Lastly, Extracted is a survivalist competition though FOX is keeping it a bit hushed on its formatting. What has been shared is that the contestants won't be in charge of their destiny which is being touted as a first.

The network will also be home to Super Bowl LIX set to air on Sunday, Feb. 9, 2025. Rescue: Hi Surf will get the coveted post-Super Bowl slot. Stay tuned to Hidden Remote for more news and coverage!