Get ready for more betrayal! Peacock's The Traitors gets early season 3 renewal

Peacock has announced that the popular reality TV series The Traitors is returning for a third season. We share what we know, including when it could come out, and some dream casting for season 3.

Peacock's "The Traitors" New York Press Junket
Peacock's "The Traitors" New York Press Junket / Joy Malone/GettyImages

Peacock has announced that we will be getting more of The Traitors in the future by renewing the series midway through season 2. Hosted by Alan Cummings, who's also a producer on the series, The Traitors saw season 1 met with success, but the series has seen viewership rise to an all-time high with season 2. We share what we know about the renewal, including when you can expect it and who we'd like to see in season 3.

Peacock announced that The Traitors is set to make its first appearance on the Nielsen streaming charts with around 384 million minutes of watch time. It is set to be the first unscripted series by the streaming platform to make the top 10. While they are drumming up all the viewership, announcing the renewal for a second season was wise to keep people talking and speculating about who could be in season 3. 

In the most recent episode of The Traitors, we saw Dan Gheesling make a move to try and save his tail from being eliminated and failing big time. With the traitors set to make a move adding to their team, the back half of season 1 promises to be drama-filled all the way to the end. 

When can you expect season 3?

I have it on good authority that the casting has already begun for season 3. The plan is for the season to shoot over the summer. If all of that falls into place, we could see season 3 debut around the same time seasons 1 and 2 did, in mid-January 2025. We'll update this post as soon as we have more details on this!

My dream cast for The Traitors season 3

We've seen plenty of crossover within the world of reality TV, along with some athletes, so the pool of stars is rather large. The first name that comes to mind is Boston Rob. He has to be on this show, and I would love to see him play the game. Other Survivor contestants could include Amanda Kimmel and Cirie Fields. 

Wes Bergmann recently made an about-face (last year, he was adamant on Twitter that he'd never go on), saying he would love to appear on a season of The Traitors. However, season 3 is out of the conversation due to scheduling conflicts. That said, The Challenge vets Jordan Wiseley, Danielle Reyes, and Cara Maria Sobrello come to mind. 

Now, if we really wanted to add even more eyes to the show and dip further into the sports world, here are some names I like. Jason Kelce has the perfect personality and would be an ideal entertainment aspect and a great game player. Tyson Fury would make this even more MUST-SEE TV than it already is. Even better is having our second couple on the show, with Tyson being on with his wife, Paris Fury. Last, my wild card is a former The Challenge superstar turned pro-wrestler Mike "The Miz" Mizanin. He is no stranger to the game-playing world and would be great on the show. 

Who would you like to see in season 3? Let us know. You can stream The Traitors on Peacock now.