Hazbin Hotel cast: Meet the voices behind the colorful characters

Hazbin Hotel is an animated musical comedy coming to Amazon Prime on Jan. 19. Find out more about the series and its voice cast before you watch.
Hazbin Hotel -- Courtesy of Prime Video
Hazbin Hotel -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

If you ever wondered what it would look like in hell, a new adult animated musical series will answer that question. In a new animated series from Amazon Prime, Hazbin Hotel will introduce us to some colorful characters, including the daughter of Lucifer himself. In fact, the pilot for the series first aired on Youtube in 2019. Who are the voices behind the series?

Hazbin Hotel follows Charlie Morningstar, the princess of hell who is concerned with the rising overpopulation. Previous attempts from the angels to deal with this involve extermination, something Charlie wants to prevent.

She is determined to figure out a solution and to help souls find redemption instead of being sent down to Hell permanently. Of course, she must also figure out how to convince Heaven that it is a good idea.

Her way of doing this is by opening the Hazbin Hotel, and she must also try to show the rest of the inhabitants that this idea will work. The show was created, written, and directed by Vivienne Medrano. 

Who is part of the Hazbin Hotel voice cast?

Voicing Morningstar is actress Erika Henningsen, who has appeared in an episode of Blue Bloods and has appeared on Broadway. Another recognizable actress will be Stephanie Beatriz, who is known for Brooklynn 99. She plays Vaggie, who is Charlie’s girlfriend. 

Helping them will be Hell’s adult-film star Angel Dust (Blake Roman), who is the first to try out the hotel. Charlie will also receive help from Alastor (Amir Talai), who is known as the “Radio Demon,” who decides to help Charlie with her dream. 

The series will premiere on Friday, Jan. 19 on Amazon Prime. With a total of eight episodes in the first season, the first four episodes will be available for viewing on Jan. 19 before two episodes are released each week until Feb. 2. 

  • Erika Henningsen as Charlie Morningstar
  • Stephanie Beatriz as Vaggie
  • Blake Roman as Angel Dust
  • Amir Talai as Alastor
  • Alex Brightman as Sir Pentious/Adam
  • Keith David as Husk
  • Kimiko Glenn as Nifty
  • Joel Perez as Valentino
  • Jeremy Jordan as Lucifer Morningstar

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