Hazbin Hotel episode schedule and 5 more things to know about the animated series

You can catch new episodes of the adult animation Fridays on Prime Video.
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Adult animated series' can be something fun and different to tune in to each week. They provide a world of fantasy and color in a way that live-action projects can't bring. That's why we're excited about Hazbin Hotel making its debut on Prime Video!

The first two episodes of the show were released early on the A24 app on Jan. 12, which was also paired with a Q&A event with creator Vivienne Medrano. However starting Jan. 19, the series will be available to everyone and a much wider audience on Prime Video.

Hazbin Hotel premieres Friday, Jan. 19, 2024 with the first four episodes on Prime Video. They will be followed by two installments weekly until the finale on Friday, Feb. 2. There's a total of eight episodes in the first season. The show has already gotten a season 2 renewal! Check out the full episode release schedule below:


Release date

Episode 1, "Overture"

Jan. 19

Episode 2, "Radio Killed the Video Star"

Jan. 19

Episode 3, "Scrambled Eggs"

Jann. 19

Episode 4, "Masquerade"

Jan. 19

Episode 5, "Dad Beat Dad"

Jan. 26

Episode 6, "Welcome to Heaven"

Jan. 26

Episode 7, "Hello Rosie"

Feb. 2

Episode 8, "The Show Must Go On"

Feb. 2

Hazbin Hotel is based on a YouTube pilot episode

Back in October 2019, Medrano, who is also an animator, writer, director, producer, and voice actress, published the pilot to YouTube under her online name, "VivziePop." Since then, it has gained almost 95 million views. So to say it was a hit is definitely an understatement! It was all made by freelance animators, and she paid for it thanks to those who follow Medrano on Patreon.

Get ready for a royally hell-ish adventure!

I'm ready for a hell-ish adventure! Are you? Hazbin Hotel is centered around Charlie, the princess of Hell, per the synopsis. She's on a mission to rehabilitate demons to "peacefully reduce overpopulation in her kingdom." Charlie decides to open a hotel for her demon followers in the hopes that they will be "checking out into heaven." Her idea isn't received well at first, but with the support of some friends and "Radio Demon," she's given the chance to bring her dream into reality. I am so here for it!

The animated musical stars Girls5eva actress Erika Henningsen

Girls5eva's Erika Henningsen is the one taking on the voice role of Charlie. She and her father Lucifer are estranged, and she's determined to make things better through her Hazbin Hotel. We also have Brooklyn Nine-Nine actress Stephanie Beatriz as Chalrie's girlfriend and biggest supporter, Vaggie.

Also part of the cast are Alex Brigthma as demon Sir Pentious; Keith David as magician and bartender Husk; Kimiko Glenn as Niffty; Blake Roman as Angel Dust; Amir Talai as Radio Demon Alastor; Christian Borle as demon Vox; and Joel Perez as demon Valentino.

Glee actor Darren Criss as Saint Peter; Jeremy Jordan as Lucifer Morningstar; Daphne Rubin-Vega as Carmilla Carmine; Patina Miller as Sera; and Jessica Vosk as Lute round out the guest cast we'll be hearing from.

Hazbin Hotel
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The series is definitely not for kids

As you can guess based on this being billed an adult animation, there's mature themes discussed that definitely aren't appropriate for kids. The show is rated R, and the first person we're going to see Charlie try to get out of Hell through the hotel is porn star Angel Dust. So, yeah. Not appropriate for a younger audience! You can learn more about the adult themes explored in the show here.

There's a spin-off called Helluva Boss

Hazbin Hotel already has a spin-off thanks to the successful pilot on YouTube. And that's Helluva Boss, which came out in October 2020. The sequel follows different characters, but they exist in the same universe. There are two seasons with a total of 16 episodes, which areavailable to watch on YouTube. The series stars Brandon Rogers as Blitzo, Richard Horvitz as Moxxie and Crimson, Vivian Nixon as Millie, Erica Lindbeck as Loona, and Bryce Pinkham as Stolas.

Hazbin Hotel premieres Friday, Jan. 19 on Prime Video, with new episodes released weekly.

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