Sheila Carter and Deacon Sharpe tie the knot on Bold and the Beautiful (May 24, 2024 recap)

Kimberlin Brown and Sean Kanan "The Bold and the Beautiful" Set Gallery Shoot Photo Courtesy of The Bold and The Beautiful © Howard Wise/
Kimberlin Brown and Sean Kanan "The Bold and the Beautiful" Set Gallery Shoot Photo Courtesy of The Bold and The Beautiful © Howard Wise/ /

Do you hear that? It's the sound of wedding bells ringing! Sheila Carter and Deacon Sharpe got married on Friday, March 24's episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. Their nuptials have been a long time coming and I for one am happy the two are entering wedded bliss together with both of their respective adult children there to witness the ceremony.

Hope went to support her father which went against the wishes of her mother, Brooke, but as she noted, she's lost far too much in recent months. She wasn't about to lose her father as well, though it should be said that unlike Hope, Deacon didn't threaten to walk out of her life if she didn't do as he asked. Finn, however, hadn't planned on attending the wedding. He'd arrived unexpectedly, not because he changed his mind but because he wasn't aware it was taking place at Il Giardino. Finn was only at Deacon's restaurant to pick up the pizzas his wife, Steffy, ordered for Kelly and Beth's playdate.

Caught off-guard, he wound up staying because Sheila asked him to and Deacon pressed him on it. They were of the belief that it must have been fate that brought him to the wedding. Presumably, in an effort not to ruin her day, Finn relented and stuck around.

The vow exchange between Sheila and Deacon was beautiful as they both spoke to the way their relationship has changed them for the better. They also promised to walk beside each other in life, in Sheila's case, nine toes and all. The humorous touch was a nod to the anatomy difference between the infamous woman and her look-alike nemesis, Sugar, that ultimately saved her life.

Though they're still clearly unsure about their parents' union, besides seeing the benefit they are to each other's lives, Hope and Finn could see the well of love between the couple. With rings given, and a cue from Tom--the ordained homeless man who pointed Deacon and Finn in the right direction to find Sheila--the pair sealed their vows with their first kiss as husband and wife.

Meanwhile, back at the Cliff House, Liam and Steffy were wondering what was taking Finn so long to come back with the pizzas. The girls were preoccupied making sock puppets but time was steadily moving on without word on why Finn had yet to return. Liam used his absence to ask Steffy how Finn has been doing knowing that his birth mother was getting married and he wouldn't be attending. Steffy admitted to Finn's complicated feelings, but she also stated that Finn's aware of why he can't be there and the stakes at play in this situation.

At the Forrester Mansion, Brooke and Ridge were paying Eric a visit. They also informed him of the wedding. He was shocked but then mentioned that he'd once married Sheila himself. Ridge and Brooke, however, said that was an entirely different scenario because Eric had no idea how out of her mind Sheila was (and is in their belief).

They also shared that Hope is keeping an open mind about the couple much to their chagrin. But Ridge was sure that no matter Finn's struggles with drawing a line between him, his family, and his birth mother, he wouldn't be at the wedding. Jokes on him though because that's exactly where Finn was, now we wait to see the fallout from what happened.

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