Hope for the Future is saved on Bold and the Beautiful but for how long?

Annika Noelle "The Bold and the Beautiful" Set Gallery Shoot Photo Courtesy of The Bold and The Beautiful © Howard Wise/jpistudios.com
Annika Noelle "The Bold and the Beautiful" Set Gallery Shoot Photo Courtesy of The Bold and The Beautiful © Howard Wise/jpistudios.com /

Monday, June 3's episode of The Bold and the Beautiful established that Hope for the Future hasn't been canceled. Ridge and Carter outvoted Steffy and want to wait until next quarter's numbers to decide if Forrester Creations should cut its losses like the Co-CEO wants. However, this means that HFTF is on borrowed time.

Hope had a lot to say about Steffy's decision making but in all her bluster, she didn't mention what her brand has brought to the company. Instead, she mentioned her mother Brooke's accomplishments and all she's done to further the fashion firm. While no one would fault a daughter for sticking up for her mother in the face of someone tearing her down, Hope's response to Steffy was curious. I say this because it was never in question what Brooke has done for Forrester Creations.

Steffy was questioning whether Hope's line was worth the company continuing to invest in since its success is predicated on the work of the designers working on the brand and not Hope herself. As she'd mentioned in a previous episode, if whether or not HFTF is profitable is dependent on Thomas being lead designer that's not a good investment. And, she's right, even if no one else wants to recognize that fact.

But what I find most intriguing about this storyline is in all the fuss, it was actually Brooke who came out looking the best. Steffy had said that the money that's being sunk into Hope's brand could go to more profitable lines. She didn't mention Brooke's Bedroom line or the BeLief formula, Carter did, but the name drop of those profitable ventures for Forrester could circle back around.

While I wasn't a fan of the diminishing of Steffy's accomplishments as if it's somehow easy to run a fashion firm with a mighty legacy and she's sitting there twiddling her thumbs, the plot seems to be veering toward getting her and Brooke to work more closely together. This week on The Bold and the Beautiful, Ridge is set to ask Brooke to help him and Steffy push the company forward.

I'm not sure what title Brooke is about to be given, but it'll give her power that she doesn't have currently. It also means she won't be dismissed from meetings like she was when the Co-CEOs and the COO Carter discussed the fate of Hope for the Future. But I do wonder if she's read more closely into the day-to-day operations of Forrester if we'll be revisiting the business decision Steffy wanted to make down the line with a possible different outcome. Not necessarily a cancellation of HFTF but some kind of change. I'm still of the mind that it needs to transition to being a non-profit and drop the fashion line part of it since Hope isn't a designer.

In any case, I wish this dust-up went somewhere more interesting but maybe more is set to happen. Stay tuned to Hidden Remote for more TV news and coverage.