Hopefully, Luna's pregnancy scare is behind us on Bold and the Beautiful

The Bold and The Beautiful Lisa Yamada as Luna Photo © Howard Wise/jpistudios.com
The Bold and The Beautiful Lisa Yamada as Luna Photo © Howard Wise/jpistudios.com /

Did anyone else let out a sigh of relief while watching Thursday, May 16's episode of The Bold and the Beautiful? Instead of dragging it out to the end of the episode, we learned that Luna Nozawa isn't pregnant which means the young intern dodged a bullet on the soap. Or at least we hope so.

She took a pregnancy test and her mother, Poppy, didn't just say that the test was negative. We got to see that it was for ourselves which was reassuring. But with heavy handed lines peppered throughout the dialogue about how nothing was going to get between Luna and RJ, it is hard to rest easy that the writers won't pull a fast one on us.

False negatives with home pregnancy tests are rare but they do happen. Not to mention this is a soap and if they want to walk something back they can. It's simply my hope that they don't. Luna and RJ have reconciled and are trying to move forward with their relationship. Certainly a wrench could be thrown into that attempt via a rogue pregnancy test, but I doubt there are many viewers who want to see a 'Who's the daddy?' storyline for Luna, RJ, and Zende.

If we're going to be stuck in this triangle because the trio are working together on the Hope for the Future line, one would hope that some life be breathed into their story. For instance, making it an actual triangle where Luna does find that she has feelings for both men. Otherwise, the writers should cut their losses and let Zende find someone who is actually interested in him.

I'm struggling to rest comfortably in the idea that we are moving on though because there's one important figure who doesn't know about what happened the night of Eric and Donna's wedding--RJ's father, Ridge. While it's true that the soap does manage to sit on certain plots, conveniently keeping characters out of the loop indefinitely, I'm not sure that's going to happen here.

Sure, the pregnancy test might end up being a throw away plot never to be thought of again but The Bold and the Beautiful writers keep finding the time to rake both Poppy and Zende across the coals for what happened. If there's any character with a temper like a tempest, it's Ridge. He would blow his top and in doing so perhaps a more worthy storyline will get triggered like that of Zende's mother, Kristen, coming to town to handle her brother on behalf of her son.

Last year, Zende had mentioned that he didn't have his mother in LA to come to bat for him the way RJ has his parents. In fact, upon observation, there isn't really anyone that can fill that role for Zende on the soap currently. He solely has Carter to speak with and, while he was very much wrong for his night with Luna, it would be great if he had a support system as well.

Also, it's been a bit since we've seen Ridge have to go toe-to-toe with one of his siblings, it would be refreshing to see a clash of that nature and that's something that could happen if he threatens to fire his nephew over betraying RJ. If no one else will speak to how hypocritical Brooke has been, and Ridge would be if he were to learn of this incident, it would certainly be Kristen. Here's hoping she makes an appearance down the road.