The 'scare' Bold and the Beautiful has teased for Luna definitely isn't necessary

The Bold and The Beautiful Lisa Yamada as Luna Photo © Howard Wise/
The Bold and The Beautiful Lisa Yamada as Luna Photo © Howard Wise/ /

Bold fans, the moment the tease for the week of May 13 flashed to Poppy holding a pregnancy test while Luna anxiously asked her what it read, I sighed. I really hope The Bold and the Beautiful is not about to put this young lady through yet another soap trope. They're burning through them mighty fast considering we haven't even known Lisa Yamada's character for a year yet. The writers need to pump the breaks.

Luna already dealt with sleeping with her boyfriend's cousin while under the influence of her mother's drugs. The story has yet to put any real weight on that truth coming to light and she, RJ, and Zende still having to work together on the Hope for the Future line in spite of what happened. Heaping on that she could be pregnant, and possibly throwing her into a 'Who's the Daddy?' storyline would be the wrong move and just another example of moving from one dramatic element to the next with her plots.

First, considering how long it's been since she and Zende were intimate, it feels far-fetched that he's a viable option as the baby's father if she is pregnant. And, while it's not foil proof, he did say they used protection. Luna's most recent partner has been RJ, which makes him the more likely option, but I would assume that they, too, would have been cautious and used contraceptives. So this seems like a tacked on and tired ploy to have us all gasp in surprise.

Here's the thing. The writers made a point of telling us Luna's first time was with RJ. Shortly after, the unfortunate incident with Zende happened. Now she might be pregnant? Can we put some respect on Luna's name and actually focus on fleshing out her character? We don't know much about her. It's been months and aside from learning that she's caring, kind, and honest, we have no idea what her actual passions are. She's a design student and a Forrester intern but, with exception to her personal wardrobe, there's been no sign of her aesthetic, areas of interest in fashion, or design point of view.

Who her father is remains up in the air though the soap has floated the possibility of Bill Spencer and then shocked us all by implying it could actually be her cousin, Finn. Her free as a bird mother, Poppy, is the reason she was high enough to mistake Zende for RJ, and she, too, is written thinly besides being the polar opposite of her sister, Li, and very into art and dance.

Instead of potentially putting Luna in yet another trope that won't serve her character and only cause more drama, the writers should consider letting us get to know her. Not through the lenses of the men hopelessly besotted with her. Not even through the eyes of her mother but through Luna's actions and stories that have nothing to do with who she's fallen in love with.

Hopefully, this pregnancy scare is just that, a scare we can move on from and not a whole storyline because Luna shouldn't be worrying about producing the next Forrester heir. She hasn't even gotten a chance to live herself yet. And it would be wholly unnecessary to foist this plot on a character her age who has already gone through so much on the soap, much of it still unresolved!