How did Sugar get out of jail on The Bold and the Beautiful?

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The math is beginning to math on The Bold and the Beautiful even if we are moving at a snail's pace as the soap pumps the breaks until Friday, Apr. 26's episode when we stand to make some headway in the 'Where is Sheila Carter?' storyline. But at least we got an answer to how exactly Sugar found her way to Los Angeles when Lauren Fenmore was adamant that she was safely locked behind bars.

We have Deacon to thank for this tidbit of information being shared. As he was running Il Giardino on Tuesday, Apr. 23's episode, he was also busy typing away on his laptop at the bar. The restrauteur was deep in research. He'd learned that Sugar's real name is Janet Webber so it was off to Bold's version of Google to find as much information as he could on the woman Sheila had tricked into getting plastic surgery to look exactly like her.

After some searching, and an unhelpful recount of the text thread between the two women, Deacon landed on a blog with the information he was looking for. The blurb for the article on True Crime Report about Sugar's release was as follows:

"Disgraced prison warden, Janet Webber was serving a prison sentence for crimes committed in Genoa City, Wisconsin. But after many years of good behavior she was released from prison a couple of months ago, ahead of her probation hearing later this year."

Deacon didn't click the Read More button so we have no idea what sources this blog cited but we now know that Sugar didn't break out of prison, she was released. It stands to reason she's been plotting revenge for some time as the first thing she's done since she gained her freedom was go after Sheila.

Given the circumstances of her death, it looks like Sugar intended to flip the script on her nemesis. Sheila used Sugar as a means of getting away with the crimes she'd committed. Now, it seems Sugar planned to do that Sheila. She was going to frame her for the murder of Steffy Forrester and watch as the wagons circled and no one believed the infamous woman that she hadn't laid a hand on her daughter-in-law.

Things did not go to plan. Considering it's been two decades since she was last on The Bold and the Beautiful, she'd have no idea that Steffy isn't one to go down without a fight. But with Sugar out of the picture, it's up to Deacon to track down Sheila. I don't think this is an elaborate ruse on his lady love's part so she might actually be the innocent party this time which may be a first!

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