Sugar has been the talk of the Bold and the Beautiful fandom but who is she and how does she know Sheila?

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In spite of news breaking that Kimberlin Brown's time as the infamous Sheila Carter has come to an end, fans of The Bold and the Beautiful haven't given up the idea that a plot twist is on the horizon. To be fair, even with the actress herself confirming her departure, soap operas are notorious for flipping the script on "deaths." It wasn't that long ago that Sheila's own son, Finn, "died" on screen and Tanner Novlan was written out only for him to make a miraculous return because it was revealed Finn's adoptive mother, Li, was nursing him back to health.

As such we've all be wondering, if Sheila did manage to escape the jaws of death yet again, how could she pull it off. A name that continues to circulate online via social media and forums is Sugar (Robin Mattson). As her time on the soap began well before I started keeping up with it, I had to do my own dive into the history because there is a wealth of it. According to the fandom wiki, Sugar was once a friend of Sheila's before she became a sworn enemy.

The two met in prison. Sheila, as she's often doing, was serving out time for her latest wrongdoing and Sugar happened to be the warden. Of course, she struck up a friendship with her jailer. A characteristic of Sheila's that doesn't often get lauded is how charming and persuasive she can be. She led Mike Gutherie by the nose to get herself out of jail in recent years, so it's no surprise she was able to do the same with Sugar back in the day.

Sheila won the warden to her side and the two worked on a scheme that, per She Knows Soaps, involved kidnapping Ridge Forrester so that his biological father, Massimo Marone, would fork over 100 million dollars in ransom money. This is also the storyline where Sheila told the family her baby girl, Diana, was Massimo's (and, no, she's not the one likely to appear on Bold and the Beautiful).

The reason why so many fans are bringing up Sugar is because Sheila had convinced her to undergo plastic surgery so that they'd look alike. Sheila, who's prone to dropping people once she gets what she wants, wound up on Sugar's bad side. Why? Well, she got her locked up. Imagine changing your face for someone and then they're the one responsible for your imprisonment. You'd be a few more chicken nuggets short of a Happy Meal yourself.

The last time Sugar was seen was on The Young and the Restless when she went after Lauren Fenmore's son, Scotty Grainger, who Sheila had baby-napped once upon a time. The now grown Scotty was stabbed by Sugar. The good folks of Genoa City were under the impression Sheila had done it until it was revealed that they were really dealing with Sugar. She was taken off to jail and hasn't been seen since.

That storyline took place 18 years ago in 2006 so, yes, it would be quite the twist for Sugar to make a come back all these years later. But it's not just Sugar's existence in this universe that has fans speculating that Sheila wasn't really the one who died at Steffy's hands. It's also how oddly Sheila was dressed and the silent way she went after Steffy.

Sheila's "murder" attire included a net-like veil for reasons unknown other than better camouflaging herself in the darkness. Given how amped up she was after being attacked by Steffy in her own home, you would have thought we'd have gotten some kind of speech but no. Also, not a soul has spoken about whether the body recovered at the scene was missing a toe. That's a dead giveaway because if she's not then that's not Sheila.

Personally, though, I'm hoping that if Sheila is alive, she's not a part of what ever mess is going down. I'd like to think she wouldn't put Deacon, or Finn, through the grief of losing her in the name of punishing Steffy.

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