If you're not watching Extraordinary on Hulu, you're missing out!

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Hulu subscribers, the brand-new series, Extraordinary, is a neat treat for you to stream this week! Here's why!

The hilarious title is a superhero comedy that will remind you of so many superhero shows you love to watch, such as Invincible or The Boys on Amazon Prime Video and The Flash and Supergirl on The CW. What's more, the show has already been out for a season, which means when you do tune in, you'll have so much superhero content to watch.

Still aren't convinced that you should watch this series! Don't worry, we got you covered!

Extraordinary's story will leave you coming back for more

At the heart of Extraordinary is the story of a normal girl who doesn't have any powers despite being surrounded by people with amazing abilities that can change reality. This doesn't stop her from carving out a life that is full of endless surprises and plenty of fun.

Learn more about what you can expect from the sophomore season here.

"Season two picks up where season one spectacularly left off, following Jen on her powers journey as she enrolls as a client at the power client. Jen soon discovers that the process of finding her power isn't as easy as she hoped, and things in the rest of her life aren't smooth sailing either. Ex-cat, now-boyfriend Jizzlord has had an unexpected revelation about his past, and Kash and Carrie are attempting to be totally mature and dignified about their break-up, which is not easy when they're still living under the same roof. It seems that Jen and the gang are dealing with new levels of adulting and chaos that none of them are prepared for."

Hulu Press

See all this and more in the official trailer for the Hulu original below.

The cast is filled with new and familiar faces!

In addition to the lovely story, the cast of this Hulu series is filled with very talented people, such as Máiréad Tyers who plays our protagonist Jen and Luke Rollason who stars as Jizzlord.

Alongside Tyers and Rollason are the following actors and their respective characters:

  • Sofia Oxenham as Carrie
  • Bilal Hasna as Kash
  • Siobhan McSweeney as Mary
  • Robbie Gee as Ian
  • Julian Barrett as George
  • Rosa Robson as Nora
  • Kwaku Mills as Clark

Hopefully, you come to love these characters as much as so many people do. The only way to find out is to head over to Hulu on Wednesday, Mar. 6, to stream every episode!

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