Is Night Swim appropriate for kids? Here's what to look out for

Night Swim is the newest horror film from Blumhouse Productions. Is this one to take the kids to, though? Here's what we know!

Night Swim from Universal
Night Swim from Universal /

Would you dive into a haunted swimming pool? In the new horror movie, Night Swim, a family realizes that the beautiful inground pool in the backyard of their new home -- meant to be a physical therapy tool for the father -- is cursed with a dark supernatural force that puts them in terrifying danger.

Fans of horror movies will immediately recognize the names behind the project: James Wan and Jason Blum, who also recently produced Insidious: The Red Door and M3GAN together. Though the premise of the film may seem simple, many horror fans are anticipating the film because of the track record of the producers behind it. But is Night Swim suitable to watch with kids? Luckily, we have some major clues to help you determine if the film is ok for a family movie night.

Is Night Swim ok to watch with older kids?

Night Swim was assigned a PG-13 rating because of "terror, some violent content, and language." This means that the American Motion Picture Association has decided that the movie is okay for people 13 years and older to watch. But as with any horror movie, some older kids and younger teens may still find the themes to be too frightening.

Aside from the trailer and first-looks behind the scenes, we also know this is the third PG-13 rating for a horror movie within the past year from Blumhouse Productions. Insidious: The Red Door and M3GAN were also both rated PG-13. If your kids enjoyed both of those films, chances are that they will also be able to handle Night Swim.

What makes Night Swim scary?

This movie is teased to be nonstop suspense, and Blum explains that the terror from the film's story is about what can always be lurking around you. "Even though in your mind you understand that the pool is only a few feet deep, when the lights go out, anything could be beneath you," Blum said. Expect long suspenseful sequences, jump-scares, supernatural evil in the form of a child-like ghost, and people (including the family's young son) fighting against being drowned in a dark pool.

We also highly recommend watching the trailer and behind-the-scenes featurette for Night Swim before going to see the movie with kids, as that will give you the best idea of the tone and horror elements for the movie too. Watch the latest look at the film and hear from the producers in the clip below!

Night Swim comes to theaters on Jan. 5, 2024. It is not currently available to stream, but because the film is produced by Universal Pictures, Night Swim will likely be coming to Peacock sometime in the spring of 2024.

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