Jordan was left for dead and more that happened this week on Young and the Restless, Mar. 11-15

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Earlier this week on The Young and the Restless – Victor's plan to trap Jordan worked. Phyllis reeled from Danny's perceived loss, while Lily was not stunned by Daniel's break from their relationship. Tucker sensed something was wrong with Ashley.

The Young and the Restless week in review:

Monday, Mar. 11: Victor offered Jordan a bribe to leave town. Nikki shared her backstory with Claire. Nick offered Phyllis his shoulder to cry on.

Tuesday, Mar. 12: Nick arrived to help Victor reverse the tables. Nikki and the Newmans pressed Michael for information. Summer acknowledged all was going well with Chance and, along with Billy, wanted Phyllis to open up.

Wednesday, Mar. 13: Victor returned with Nick to the Ranch and provided an update about Jordan. Chance and Nate pondered the future of Chancellor-Winters while Billy and Devon continued to jab at each other. Daniel told Lily he and Heather were back together.

Thursday, Mar. 14: Devon answered Lily's questions. Ashley's personality issues raged, and another meeting with Tucker happened. Sally offered Audra advice. Daniel and Heather settled into their reunion.

Friday, Mar. 15: Summer and Kyle helped Harrison, while Adam and Chelsea focused on Connor. Audra told Tucker she planned to stay with him despite Ashley's continued presence.

Tucker recognizes Ashley's personality switch

Victor and Michael met Jordan in a dark alley on Monday, Mar. 11. The gun she held at them seemingly overrode whatever precautions the Mustache believed he had taken. However, longtime fans suspected that Victor's promise to Nikki would be upheld and that Jordan would be handled.

Claire has quickly become part of the Newman family's inner circle. Kudos to the writing staff for the storyline that reintroduced Victoria and Cole's long-lost daughter. Plus, the highest of marks are offered to casting, as Hayley Erin, performing in her second role on this show, is stellar.

Phyllis is reeling hard. Nick cares for her and wants to help her. But is a reunion of these characters in order?

Nick was revealed as having paralleled Victor's path using a tracking device that Eric Braeden's character put on his luxury sports utility vehicle on Tuesday, Mar. 12. That resulted in Nick tasering Jordan. But fans will not feel relief until this climax reaches a fitting conclusion. That would mean the end of Colleen Zenk's run. It is a shame her character is irredeemable.

One of the intriguing elements of the Newmans and Cole pressing Michael for intel included Adam still believing Claire was suspicious. Mark Grossman's persona was projecting, as she was not colluding with Jordan.

Phyllis looked like the poorest soul, wearing sunglasses that reminded the audience of patients leaving an eye exam with dilated pupils. First, Billy tried to pry the truth out of her. Then, Summer took a turn, and neither person could get her to talk about losing Danny.

Devoted fans suspected the lead male character of this iconic soap opera would enter the scene toward the end of the episode on Wednesday, Mar. 13. Sure enough, Victor did. But a door remained open because leaving Jordan at the abandoned property allowed her storyline to continue.

Victor believes Jordan will soon die because she has no food or water, and the Midwestern winter elements remain in effect. Without confirmation, devoted soap fans know another escape is possible.

The corporate drama at Chancellor-Winters continued to build. Will this crescendo lead to a climax in which Chancellor and Winters break apart or some of its players are subtracted?

Daniel was caught in a no-win scenario the moment he decided to revisit love with Heather. Love is the key, as Lily realized he had not rekindled what they once shared in their youthful days of marriage in California.

The day Devon dreaded happened; as Lily confronted him on Thursday, Mar. 14. They quickly hashed out why he felt compelled to keep the news of Daniel's revival with Heather a secret. Their later meeting with Abby at CW pushed the plot forward as preparations for the coming business and family storms were discussed.

The audience heard the voice of Eileen Davidson's character's head reference Ashley, seemingly confirming a split personality diagnosis. Tucker's vulnerability was targeted when they spoke in the Neil Winters jazz lounge, with fans wondering if Tucker and Audra's lives were in danger. Meanwhile, the potential friendship between Zuleyka Silver and Courtney Hope's characters was intriguing.

There didn't appear to be reconciliation vibes between the two past couples on Friday, Mar. 15. Summer has fallen for Chance, while Kyle remains single. Adam is smitten with Sally, and Chelsea is with Billy. So, two sets of split parents are simply helping their children.

Tucker cares more deeply for Ashley than Audra. So, he faces a tough road ahead because Ashley's mental health issues will not evaporate. That reality will continue to impact Audra and keep Tucker in a triangle.


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