Jordan kills Seth and torches Victoria's house (What happened this week on The Young and the Restless, March 4-8)

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Earlier this week on The Young and the Restless - Ashley targeted Tucker. Nikki struggled to maintain stability. Phyllis learned that Christine was Danny's choice.

The Young and the Restless week in review:

Monday, Mar. 4: Connor was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Adam and Billy had a good talk. Phyllis intended to make her daydreams come true. Danny and Christine were open with each other.

Tuesday, Mar. 5Jordan killed Seth. Claire tried to contact her great-aunt. Corporate games continued at Chancellor-Winters, and Nina gave Chance an out.

Wednesday, Mar. 6Jordan set Victoria's house on fire. Chance and Summer deepened their relationship. Danny told Phyllis he was with Christine.

Thursday, Mar. 7: Ashley's outlook remained mixed. Tucker was intrigued by Abby's comments about her mother. Nikki needed Jack's help again, while Victoria was devastated by the fire.

Friday, Mar. 8: Victor prepared for a final battle with Jordan. Jack played the sponsor for Nikki once more. Ashley appeared to be setting Tucker up.

Ashley can't let Tucker go

Connor's openness with Dr. Alcott was a good sign on Monday, Mar. 4. Catherine Dyer's character assured Adam and Chelsea that their son is loved and supported and provided a positive path forward. The chat Billy and Adam had while Connor and Chelsea initially spoke with the doctor was satisfying for longtime fans. Both guys have matured, as demonstrated by the understanding they offered to each other.

The contrast between Phyllis' seemingly unrealistic hopes to reunite with Danny at Society and Michael Damian's scenes with Lauralee Bell at Crimson Lights was stark. The audience awaits Michelle Stafford's next great performance after Danny shuts Phyllis down. He is on a path to remarry Cricket, which could put her life in danger if history repeats.

Viewers felt doom was coming and realized it on Tuesday, Mar. 5. Seth allowed himself to be driven by emotion and did not follow Nikki's advice. Rather than string Jordan along, he confronted her, which was deadly. It's a shame that daytime veteran Brian Gaskill's run is over.

The scene inside the Ranch was warm as the hug Claire offered Nikki proved. The Newmans will soon be tested because Seth is gone. Stone cold killer Jordan projects as meeting a similar fate unless she escapes Genoa City, Wisconsin, after making whatever her final attack will be.

Chance is being drawn into corporate intrigue, much to Nina's chagrin. Devon and Nate are right to fear Mamie's intention of getting Jill, with Amanda's presence being potentially significant. But, as longtime fans know, Veronica Redd and Jess Walton's characters will not back down from each other. What must John be thinking in heaven?

Claire had no idea that taking Jordan's call would lead to Victoria's house being torched on Wednesday, Mar. 6Victor's plan to bait Collen Zenk's character worked but did not lead to the outcome he expected.

All was progressing nicely with Chance and Summer. But the same can not be said for Phyllis. She was the poor soul, and Abby had sympathy for her. Danny's dose of reality provoked the expected response, as all longtime fans know. It is fair to wonder whether Michelle Stafford's character will strike Christine before she joins Danny on his tour.

On Thursday, March 7, more tidbits were dropped about Ashley. Has her personality split? The voice the audience can hear in her head and the dream she described to Jack about being another person are ominous signs.

Abby's visit to Tucker's room was a sign of desperation. His concern for Ashley's state of mind was coupled with his desire to break from her. However, he was surprised to learn that he might have a chance to redeem himself with Ashley and Devon. Eileen Davidson's character's request for another meeting at the Genoa City Athletic Club increased the pressure on both people.

Claire's insight was helpful as she recognized Jordan's desperation. Victor's ears perked up when his rediscovered granddaughter speculated that her great-aunt could slip up. While Hayley Erin's character helped her grandmother cope with the renewed pressure Jordan was applying, Nikki also felt compelled to call Jack.

Victor was determined not to allow Jordan to take the life of any family member on Friday, Mar. 8. It feels like Colleen Zenk might not be seen for much longer, as the full power of the Newmans is aimed at Jordan. A fatal outcome feels more likely than not, but this is a soap. So, the fans will soon know.

Diane understood Jack's desire to help Nikki. However, one wonders if Peter Bergman's character might become Jordan's next victim without the tragic outcome.

One could characterize Ashley as targeting Tucker, meaning he may not be able to make that trip to Paris, France, with Audra. Ashley is fixated on him and can not get the voices or him out of her head. Her instability might lead to her defeating him rather than reconciling.


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