Kyle sparks summer fireworks at Jabot and with Claire on Young and the Restless

Kyle Abbott feels justified in betraying his parents on Young and the Restless. His partnership with Victor Newman is bound to cause fireworks.
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Kyle is misbehaving on The Young and the Restless. A cheeky assessment can accurately state that his restlessness is creating plenty of drama in Genoa City, Wisconsin.

He continued his pattern of reckless impulsivity. After foolishly throwing away his marriage to Summer, he allowed Victor to mine a petty Abbott family grudge. Agreeing to work for Victor and with Audra by co-heading Glissade makes no rational sense. Kyle's latest tantrum stems from his inability to accept Jack's choice of Diane to replace him at Jabot.

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Summer Newman Abbott was not out of line

Proximity might allow someone to claim the higher moral ground. That someone, Kyle, was angry when he learned that Summer kept her mother's existence from him. However, Phyllis put her daughter in a typically impossible soapy position. Like Kyle's mother, Michelle Stafford's character faked her death.

Unlike Diane, Phyllis did not keep that secret for many years. Instead, she returned from the dead within a period that could be counted in weeks. Kyle's resulting outrage felt invented then, prodding seasoned daytime viewers to speculate that significant storyline changes were coming.

Kyle's drop of Summer led to his temporary pairing with Audra. While that didn't last, he now seems more likely than not to connect with Claire romantically. Of course, that's why Summer is irked by her cousin, who is also back from the dead.

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Kyle is treating Jack Abbott and Diane Jenkins Abbott badly

Kyle's behavior toward his mother at Jabot was, at the least, disrespectful. However, how he spoke to Jack and Diane at the Abbott family home was detestable.

Kyle spoke of Jabot as his birthright. Oh, really?

Humility is not on Kyle's resume or curriculum vitae, as a haughty boy like Michael Mealor's character would believe he is correct in restating. Self-awareness and deterrence to the people who gave him life and are currently providing him with a king's living are nonexistent.

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Enter Victor Newman stage right

Jack's texted demand for a meeting with the Moustache sought answers. But why would Victor tell his revived nemesis anything?

Kyle is bent on teaching the people he believes dishonored his high place in life. So, he mindlessly agreed to partner with Audra in a business sense. Both people seemingly think they will have the ability to head the company Victor bought.

Audra's naivete is explainable as she is a newer Genoa City (GC) resident. But Kyle? He should see what's coming or has possibly convinced himself that Audra will eventually go by the wayside, and he will head Glissade.

Episode #1.12847
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Hello, Claire Grace Abbott?

Hayley Erin's character is assimilating into GC life as best she can. But some people, including Summer, do not trust her. Kyle became a fan when he saw that Harrison bonded with Claire. Summer was not keen on that.

This clearly telegraphs Kyle and Claire growing closer and becoming a couple. That would really bug Summer, which would only fuel fireworks and bring some spark to this story.


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