Lost is landing on Netflix in July: Is the show worth watching?

The long-running survival drama is coming to the streamer.
Lost Premiere On The Beach
Lost Premiere On The Beach / Marco Garcia/GettyImages

Lost captivated its fans from 2004 to 2010 with six exciting seasons and over 120 episodes. It's considered one of the greatest and most expensive series in television history, and even after fourteen years since the series finale, the Lost fandom is still going strong. With Netflix adding all seasons to its July 2024 catalog, new fans will emerge.

In case you need a refuel on the ABC sci-fi survival drama's narrative is about, allow me to fill you in since it has been twenty years since Lost premiered. For those discovering the show for the first time, here's the general synopsis.

The story of Lost revolves around a group of survivors whose plane crashed on an uncharted island. Together, they must cope with the elements, connect with the island inhabitants, and establish healthy relationships. Flashbacks or future forwarding were consistent throughout several episodes, with the dynamic serving as a basis for the characters' past lives or how they envision their future selves. The reception for Lost was positive, the show won 11 Emmys during its run.

Circling back to its strong fandom; two superfans launched a cancer nonprofit under the name Cancer Gets Lost in 2010, honoring their favorite show. The 501c-3 organization hosts auctions featuring pop culture items signed by numerous talents of hit TV shows and films or donated by fans. 100% of the auction profits benefit cancer charities, including ones for children. Per the Cancer Gets Lost website, it raised over $375,000 from its auctions, with more to come.

Lost is arriving on Netflix with all six seasons on July 1 and will remain on the streamer for 18 months, leaving in 2026. Until its debut, you can catch the series on Hulu. But you're probably wondering, "should I invest myself in this show?" and "will it be worth it?"

To clear your mind, you should absolutely give Lost a deserved chance, as everything about the series hit its mark in the cast, the characters and their arcs, the storylines, and let's not forget that the show was filmed in Oahu, Hawaii, where you witness a raw and dangerous landscape your travel agents failed to tell you about.

Yet, there was divisiveness on the series finale as some fans were disappointed in its execution, while some loved it. As I consider myself a spiritual person and prefer a feel-good ending, I had no issue with it, but it somewhat threw my theorizations off-center. As it's a sci-fi survival drama, I like to put myself in the characters' situations if I were to do the tasks differently. However, in television writing, that's how it goes sometimes.

So, will you catch Lost's flight on Netflix or will you stay back at the gate?