Mr. and Mrs. Smith filming locations: Here's where the series was filmed

Mr. and Mrs. Smith looks to be an exciting globe-trotting adventure but where was it really filmed?
Mr. and Mrs. Smith on Prime Video
Mr. and Mrs. Smith on Prime Video /

Mr. and Mrs. Smith has premiered on Prime Video. Where was this exciting new spy romance filmed?

The original movie was not only a smash hit in 2005 but also launched a powerful Hollywood couple. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie played spouses feeling tired out in their marriage. What neither realized was they were both government assassins who were soon pitted against one another. Ironically, the attempts to kill each other just made them fall in love all over again.

The new Prime Video series puts a different spin on the concept. Donald Glover and Maya Erskine are two freelance operatives hired for a top-secret assignment. As part of their cover, they need to pose as man and wife. 

As the pair get involved in a mission in Italy, they also have to face up to how this fake relationship may be creating very real feelings between them that's messing up the job. It looks like a great, fun adventure show, but where was it filmed?

Speaking to The Guardian, Maya Erskine confirmed that some early parts of the series were filmed in New York City as they used the Tribeca for the brownstone that the Smiths live in before they head off on assignment. 

Per Scene Seekers, the bulk of the series was filmed on location in Italy. That includes Venice, Lake Como, and Calfosch. Lake Como looks to pop up in the trailer as part of a boat chase and Venice was used for the bulk of the adventure. It also appears to use the mountains and forests around the country for some top action sequences. The lush Italian setting adds a lot more glamor and exotic appeal to the show. 

Thus, with Mrs. and Mrs. Smith premieres, fans can be assured these amazing locations were really filmed where the series is set to give more appeal to an already promising TV reboot.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith is streaming on Prime Video.