Mr. and Mrs. Smith series: Who is Michael S. Sloane? (Mr. and Mrs. Smith dedication explained)

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The debut of the Mr. and Mrs. Smith Prime Video series is finally here! The show that's loosely based on the 2005 movie of the same name has now dropped all eight episodes on the streaming service. If you've already made your way through the premiere, you may have come across a title card with a dedication. So who is Michael S. Sloane?

Set against a black screen, the text reads "In memory of Michael S. Sloane, the greatest truth teller." Michael is the father of showrunner and co-creator of the Prime Video series, Francesca Sloane. Though he didn't work on the production, that doesn't mean his connection to the show is any less important. Many times showrunners, producers, and other creatives will include dedications to their loved ones in an episode or project they're working on.

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Based on a GoFundMe post made in 2018, Michael worked as a real estate appraiser for over 10 years. After an arterial bypass in 2015, he needed a place with more stability. And thanks to the campaign, he was able to find that at a senior living facility in Los Angeles.

In a recent interview with The Orange County Register, Francesca shared the unfortunate news that she lost her father. It's not clear how, when, and how old Michael was. But on behalf of the Hidden Remote community, we extend our condolences to her, as well as Michael Sloane's friends and family.

The fact that the Mr. and Mrs. Smith showrunner chose "the greatest truth teller" to describe her dad on the title card is a bit of a nod to the series. When I had the chance to speak with Francesca ahead of the spy comedy's release, she talked about the John and Jane Smith characters and how their traits were developed. She said the following:

"I think when Donald [Glover] initially came to me with the show, we're friends and we worked together on Atlanta. Initially, I legitimately thought he was kidding just because I felt like [it was] such a strange fit for the two of us. But then as we started talking about it further, we realized we could really tell the story about the actual relationship. Why do people get married? What does loneliness look like? What does loneliness make us do and why? What does it look like to be vulnerable, especially if you have to be a good liar to be a good spy, but you have to be honest to be a good partner? "

One of the main themes of the story is, as she said, honesty. We see that play out on screen throughout the season. And you can never go wrong by being honest with those around you. So I think with Michael being "the greatest truth teller," this was a sweet nod to her father.

The Mr. and Mrs. Smith series is now streaming on Prime Video.

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