NCIS taps former Bold and the Beautiful star to play Agent Rose

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Fans of The Bold and the Beautiful got a nice surprise during the NCIS season 21 premiere, "Algún Día," when Kim Matula made her debut as Agent Rose. Matula was a staple on CBS in the role of Hope Logan on the daytime soap from 2010-2016. Nowadays, she's best known for her Hallmark films Ghost of Christmas Always and Checkin' It Twice.

In "Algún Día," Rose is assigned to work on the case the FBI is building against Nick Torres. They believe he's murdered the man who once tormented his family. Torres also confessed to the crime, but his team knew that something wasn't right about what went down and they did their utmost to ensure he didn't take the fall for a crime he didn't commit.

For the majority of the episode, Rose is an antagonist but she's a humorous thorn in the team's side not an evil one. She mostly brushes McGee the wrong way but, in an elevator scene brimming with banter, she lets Knight in on a change in Torres' case that speeds up the team's time table for helping him.

Based on the end of the premiere, Matula could be staying around in the role of Rose. Her character was fired by the FBI for helping the NCIS team clear Torres' name. But she's applied for a position in NCIS' cyber division. Parker hasn't offered her the position, but it may be only a matter of time since the two do know each other from his time at the Bureau. He's familiar with her quality of work.

Rose is a whip smart character who can hold her own against the strong personalities of the NCIS team. She also doesn't back down from a fight and is very good at her job. She'd be a welcome addition. Perhaps we'll see her again in an upcoming episode.

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