Nico Santos guest stars on Lauren Ash's Not Dead Yet season 2: Will a Superstore reunion happen onscreen?

With the series featuring ghosts and Nell being the only one who can talk to them, is it going to happen?
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Where are my fellow Superstore fans at? We're in for a treat! Well, sort of we think. Not Dead Yet season 2 premieres tonight, Feb. 7, 2024, starting at 8:30 p.m. ET on ABC. And in the very first episode of the season, there's a special guest star Superstore fans will recognize. And that's Nico Santos!

Santos starred on the NBC comedy series for six seasons from 2015 to 2021 alongside a Not Dead Yet series regular - Lauren Ash who plays Lexi! So that means the two former co-stars are reuniting onscreen. Or are they?

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According to Variety, Santos is taking on the role of Teddy, a ghost who pops up into Nell's life since she's writing his obituary. He's described as Pasadena's No. 1 realtor "whose picture is plastered all over the sides of every bus until one day he was unfortunately plastered on the front of one." Speaking with Nell, he tries to get her to "own it. Possibly one day a house, but also the current mess that is her life."

So why are we questioning whether an onscreen reunion is going to happen between Santos and Ash? Well, it's for the obvious reason that his character Teddy is a ghost. That likely means Teddy and Lexi won't interact or speak to each other in the episode. But, based on promotional images (see above) from the premiere, it looks like Teddy is going to be at the SoCal Independent office with Nell in some scenes. And of course, who works there? Lexi!

Plus if you look closely in the Not Dead Yet season 2 trailer at the 10-second mark, Teddy is standing behind Nell as Lexi is talking to her. And so, the two actors seem to be sharing some scenes together and we're speculating that they will indeed at least be onscreen at the same time. Even if they don't speak. But, hey. That's still enough for this Superstore fan! Check out the Instagram post from Santos talking about appearing on the episode.

Superstore - Season 5
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On Superstore, Santos played Mateo Liwanag, a Cloud 9 associate who is an undocumented immigrant. He's also gay and was dating the company's district manager Jeff for a while, before getting involved, and later marrying, Amy's (America Ferrera) brother Eric. Ash was the no nonsense Cloud 9 assistant store manager who ran a tight ship.

The Not Dead Yet season 2 premiere tonight, titled "Not Owning It Yet," will also introduce us to Lexi's father and owner of the newspaper Duncan Rhodes played by Brad Garrett. He comes in and "forms a bond with Nell, much to his daughter's dismay," per the synopsis. I can't wait to see everything the Duncan character brings to the table, as well as the potential onscreen reunion between Santos and Ash! For an in-depth Not Dead Yet season 2 watch guide, click here.

Not Dead Yet season 2 airs new episodes Wednesday nights on ABC, with episodes streaming on Hulu the next day.

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