Niecy Nash reveals whether Simone Clark will be in The Rookie season 6

The character was first introduced towards the end of The Rookie season 4.
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The character of Simone Clark, played by the talented Niecy Nash, wasn't on our screens for very long. But, that doesn't mean that we don't want to see more of the FBI agent! She first appeared on The Rookie season 4, with episodes 19 and 20 serving as a backdoor pilot to spin-off The Rookie: Feds. In the sequel series, she was the leading lady and did so brilliantly.

Unfortunately in November 2023, ABC announced that the network cancelled Feds after only one season and the police procedural will not be returning for a season 2. That means saying goodbye to the story that focused on the show's main characters, including Simone. Though with The Rookie season 6 happening, premiering Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2024, is it possible that we'll see the Feds characters there, including Simone?

At least for the time being, it seems like Simone Clark will not be in The Rookie season 6. In a recent statement to TVLine at the 2024 Emmys, the star herself shared that there seems to be no plans to reprise her role in the flagship series. We shared her comment below:

"[The Rookie: Feds] was one of my favorite jobs because it was one of my favorite casts I’ve ever worked with. But no I don’t think there are plans for that, that I know of. I am living in the moment [as an Emmy winner]. So that’s where I’m at."

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There were quite a few series' that got cancelled due to the effects of the writers and actors strikes that began in summer 2023. And The Rookie spin-off was one of them. Some came as a surprise, while others we saw coming. What was frustrating for fans of Feds is that ABC waited so long to make a decision to announce whether the series was coming back for a second season. Fans waited about six months in fact.

As mentioned above, Nash's character was first introduced in the original production's fourth season. Simone is the daughter of Christopher Clark who was also introduced in season 4. He then became one of the main characters in the sequel series. The actress guest starred in The Rookie season 5 episodes 10 and 21, respectively. I definitely don't see why we can't get more Simone on the show!

I think it would definitely be a missed opportunity if The Rookie didn't bring back characters like Simone and others we all fell in love with on the spin-off as guest stars. They can definitely fit it into the story somewhere. That way we can at least get some closure with those characters' stories, which is all we're really asking for.

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