Nikki's return and Cole's discovery impact Jordan on Young and the Restless

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Jordan stole Nikki's sobriety from her on The Young and the Restless. But after an extended period of drunkenness, Jordan's victim was shocked into reality by Jack, went to rehab, and is clean. Now, with Cole having discovered that Jordan is alive and being held captive by Victor, Nikki's return accelerates coming justice for Jordan.

After what felt like a short time away, Melody Thomas Scott's character is initially unaware that she is hosting a most unwanted guest. Viewers are aware that Victor is holding Jordan hostage in an apparent soundproof jail cell in the bowels of the Newman estate.

Victor believes he can torture Colleen Zenk's instantly iconic villain indefinitely. But with his wife back in the roost, will the Moustache's arrogance lead to Nikki discovering Jordan's presence?

A standing ovation for Eric Braeden and Colleen Zenk

As an aside, immense kudos must be given to two daytime pros. Eric Braeden and Zenk have delivered a series of masterful scenes together. Victor and Jordan's mutual loathing is another instance where the soap is reaffirmed as immeasurably great entertainment.

Both beloved veterans offer a master class in what great acting looks like. Braeden is generating some of his best anti-hero character moments in years. Zenk reappeared in daytime and quickly made her new character one of this show's all-time best. Both have been sights to behold.

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Like Michael Baldwin, Cole Howard knew something was off

Michael has served as Victor's counsel, friend, and opposition. Christian Le Blanc's character is retired but working on an appealing particular assignment where Victor is his sole client.

The story Michael heard about Jordan's supposed demise didn't add up. Genoa City's former District Attorney and longtime legal maverick saw the holes in Victor's tale about Jordan falling off a bridge and her body being swept away. But that suspicion didn't lead anywhere.

More recently, Cole was perplexed because his one-time and hoped for again father-in-law was unconcerned about Jordan's body being missing. Victor takes nothing for granted, especially where threats to family are concerned. It made no sense that he was okay with no closure.

So, seeing Victor exit a Dark Shadows-like secret passageway enabled Cole to discover the secret Braeden's character was keeping. Cole finding Jordan in the cell where Victor held her clarified the secret J. Eddie Peck's character knew was being kept.

Old-school soap fans appreciate the reference to the classic soap opera Dark Shadows. Collinwood was the mansion where the Collins family resided. It had many secret passageways that were often used for nefarious means, which may have inspired modern Y&R writers to create the same in Victor's castle.

Nikki Newman is back on her game

When under the influence, Nikki was incapable of operating normally. However, now that she is sober, the queen of Genoa City will surely recognize that the king is off-center.

Suspending disbelief in any storyline means accepting implausible scenarios, like no one learning that Jordan is living in the basement. So, Cole's discovery of Jordan and Nikki's return to the Ranch fully exposes Victor's twisted revenge plan. A healthy wrap to what has been a wild ride arc can also lead to a satisfying storyline conclusion.


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