Victor makes the next chess move (Young and the Restless spoilers March 4-8)

Eric Braeden - The Young and the Restless
Eric Braeden - The Young and the Restless /

On Friday, Mar. 1's episode of The Young and the Restless, Danny agreed to cook for Phyllis. Claire settled into the Ranch while Seth attempted to string Jordan along per Nikki's instructions.

Here are the spoilers for this week:

Monday, Mar. 4: Christine and Danny seek a resolution. Adam and Chelsea learn about Connor's issues while Billy talks about his backstory.

Tuesday, Mar. 5: Nikki's plan to work with Seth evolves. Amanda, Devon, and Abby address the past. Jordan makes a change.

Wednesday, Mar. 6: An update bothers Victor and Nikki. Danny tells Phyllis how he feels. Summer and Chance deepen their romance.

Thursday, Mar. 7: Jack's concern about Ashley persists. Devon assures Abby. Victoria becomes Jordan's next target.

Friday, Mar. 8: Victor ensures Jordan knows what he will do. Tucker recognizes a difference in Ashley. Nikki reaches out to Jack for help.

Danny wants to strike a balance. Hitting the right note would have been another cheeky way to say that Michael Damian's legacy character wants to love Christine and remain friends with Phyllis. But Michelle Stafford's character is determined to sabotage Christine's reunion hopes.

Seeing Sally out of the mix is interesting, but it's plausible. She and Adam are slow-walking their reconciliation. So, she is not conspicuous by her multiple absences whenever Adam, Chelsea, and Billy are together. Sally soothes Adam's inner brat. Chelsea and Billy keep each other steady as well.

Seth wants to do whatever it takes to help Nikki. Learning Colleen Zenk's character played him serves as motivation. But it feels like Brian Gaskill's life is in serious jeopardy because Jordan is a stone-cold killer. Her dastardly chameleon act takes another turn this week.

If Mishael Morgan is only back for a short stint, then Amanda will make peace with Devon and Abby and move on. But Phyllis referenced Amanda's mother having died, which implies Morgan's second Y&R character has an open path back to Genoa City, Wisconsin. Amanda's return causes Devon to have a heart-to-heart with Abby, who seems secure in their relationship. Of course, Dom is the tie that binds them together.

Summer and Chance were written together. It felt a bit forced. But the on-screen chemistry between the characters is a credit to Allison Lanier and Conner Floyd. On a completely different couple's angle, Ashley's unpredictability has eclipsed Tucker's behavior and naturally worries Jack. On-screen chemistry between the characters. This storyline has reached an intriguing threshold.

Jordan's trajectory seems clear. However, the timeline is flexible. Zenk's villain could be returned to prison, but that's recently been done. So, her fatal end or disappearance into the soapy ether feels more likely.

The trap Victor laid is cunning. But the Mustache has limited experience dealing with Jordan. That makes his inclusion of Claire a master chess-like move. Hayley Erin's character is primed to be the hero, protecting the entire Newman family, including Victoria.


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