Percy Jackson and the Olympians Season 1 finale and more to watch on Disney+

January is finally almost wrapping up and Disney+ is bringing the heat in February.
Percy Jackson and the Olympians key art
Percy Jackson and the Olympians key art /

January feels like it's been around for more than 31 days, but thankfully, the month is finally wrapping up and Disney+ is celebrating in a big way.

While January did bring some highs including episodes of Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Dragons of Wonderhatch, there were some weeks where we didn't get much content. Regardless, there are still some January releases to talk about before we hop into February.

To wrap up January, Disney+ is releasing content from Jan. 30-31. First, Disney will also be closing the book on Season 1 of Percy Jackson and the Olympians with the season finale airing and the release of the behind-the-scenes documentary A Hero’s Journey: The Making of Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Then on Jan. 31, for the littles, Disney is adding season 2 episodes of the Me & Mickey shorts along with episodes from season 2 of Mickey Mouse Funhouse.

Disney+ is also adding the 6-part documentary: Choir. Following a group of kids from Detroit, it divulges into things much larger than just performing. Assembled: The Making of Echo will also be premiering on the same day.

While we talked about how Disney+ is wrapping up January, the platform is also starting February off with some new content as well. Let's get into these releases! First, we have Genius: MLK/X season 4, episodes 1 and 2. The episodes will focus on the early lives of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, along with a new Pixar short. Then, as part of Pixar's Sparkshorts series, we have Self, which follows a wooden doll who makes a wish. Given that it's a Pixar production, no doubt it's going to be incredibly well-animated.

Even though we have new content on the way, I'm sure what we are the most excited about is the conclusion of Percy Jackson and the Olympians season 1. The series has rightfully garnered much praise and become a favorite for both new fans and those who read the books.

What are you planning to stream this week on Disney+? Share your queue with us!

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