Priscilla movie soundtrack: The songs that play and how to buy on vinyl

Sofia Coppola's Priscilla is now streaming on Max, so let's take a look at the awesome soundtrack.

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Priscilla, starring Cailee Spaeny in the titular role alongside Jacob Elordi as Elvis Presley, is a different look at the King of Rock and Roll. Unlike Baz Luhrmann's biopic 2022 Elvis, Sofia Coppola's Priscilla tells the story from the side of Elvis' ex-wife, who he started a relationship with when she was 14 and he was 24. The A24-distributed drama is based on Priscilla's 1985 memoir Elvis and Me, which chronicles her relationship with the late musician from the time they first met to his unfortunate death.

If you missed Priscilla in theaters, now's your chance to watch the Golden Globe-nominated movie. As of Friday, Feb. 23, it is available to stream on Max. Started to watch the movie and noticed the soundtrack is the perfect time capsule of the '60s and '70s? Check out the full tracklist below.

Soundtrack songs

  • "Going Home" by Alice Coltrane
  • "Baby, I Love You" by Ramones
  • "Venus" by Frankie Avalon
  • "Sweet Nothin's" by Brenda Lee
  • "Crimson & Clover" by Tommy James & The Shondells
  • "(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons" by The Righteous Brothers
  • "How You Satisfy Me" by Spectrum
  • "Country" by Porches
  • "The Crystal Cat" by Dan Deacon
  • "Forever" by The Little Dippers
  • "Wade in the Water" by The Soul Stirrers
  • "Goin' Places" by The Orlons
  • "Stratus" by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
  • "Nobody Knows" by Pastor T.L. Barrett and The Youth for Christ Choir
  • "Gassenhauer" by Erik Charlston
  • "Rippling Waters" by Speedy West
  • "My Elixir" by Sons of Raphael

Of course, not all of the songs featured are from the '60s and '70s. Like other Coppola movies — most famously Marie AntoinettePriscilla uses more recent songs to tell the story. "Country" by Porches, for example, is from 2018, while "The Crystal Cat" by Dan Deacon was released in 2007.

Another song that plays in Priscilla at a pivotal moment is "I Will Always Love You" by Dolly Parton. I'm unsure why it's not part of the official soundtrack given it's a prominent part of the film, though it could have something to do with budget constraints. In an interview with GQ, Phoenix member Thomas Mars, who composed the original music for Priscilla and is Coppola's husband, spoke about including the iconic song:

"That was the one that I remember having conversations with Youree Henley, the producer. When they were going through a hard time with the budget … if they had to have the whole budget spent on this, we needed this one, because it was the emotional release in the end that was needed."

Mars on "I Will Always Love You"

Multiple factors drew me into watching Priscilla, one being the first teaser which featured the song "How You Satisfy Me" by Spectrum. It's such a masterly crafted first look at the movie and the choice of music is one of the main reasons why.

Buy the Priscilla soundtrack on vinyl

The Priscilla soundtrack is available to listen to on music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube, and others. If you're looking to purchase the vinyl, you can pre-order it on Amazon right here for $32.99. It will be released on Friday, March 1. You can also pre-order it on Target here for $33.49. Click through a preview of the soundtrack via Spotify right here on the page:

Throughout Priscilla and Elvis' relationship, they certainly faced more than their share of ups and downs. As Elvis dealt with the pressures of fame, the media, and trying to please everyone around him, Priscilla came into adulthood in the shadow of Elvis, struggling to find herself while living at the famous Memphis estate Graceland.

Trying to keep up with Elvis' wild lifestyle while finishing high school was a difficult task, as was dealing with Elvis' ever-changing moods, suspected affairs, and substance abuse. At the end of the day, however, Priscilla remembers all of their memories — both good and bad — and used her book to tell the real story without painting her late husband as a hero or villain.

Stream Priscilla right now on Max.