Put your Modern Family knowledge to the test with this "who said it?" quiz!

There's been some memorable and iconic quotes over the years, and we rounded up some of our favorites. Can you remember them all?

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One of my personal favorite comedies is definitely Modern Family! It ranks high with other sitcoms like Friends and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The series ran for 11 seasons and had a huge ensemble cast. Funny enough, 11! This makes room for a variety of memorable quotes and lines from the show. Do you think you can remember who said what? Put your knowledge to the test with our Modern Family quiz!

The comedy starred Ed O'Neill as Julie Bowen as Claire; Ty Burrell as Phil; Ed O'Neill as Jay; Sofía Vergara as Gloria; Jesse Tyler Ferguson as Mitchell; Eric Stonestreet as Cameron; Sarah Hyland as Haley; Ariel Winter as Alex; Nolan Gould as Luke; Rico Rodriguez as Manny; Jeremy Maguire as Joe; and Aubrey Anderson-Emmons as Lily. With so many different characters, that also means there's multiple personalities. And that's one of the elements that made the series so fun!

Claire is a very Type A person, and a character I can personally relate to. Though she does go overboard sometimes. Phil is probably my favorite character out of the bunch. He's a great father, constantly optimistic, and much more laid back than Claire. The two balance each other out I think. Another favorite of mine is Cam. The way he goes from zero to 100 emotionally is hilarious, especially when it goes high pitched. It gets me every time.

One trait that sums up all the characters that's just so fun is the sassiness and snarkniess. And that's what made up most of our quiz basically! Those one-liners or small moments are so iconic and what sticks in our memories. And that's definitely a success and testament to the Modern Family writers. If we can still remember certain quotes and lines from a show that ran for 11 seasons, they did their jobs right. And I think they really did!

All 11 seasons ofModern Family are currently streaming on Hulu and Peacock.

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