Ray Cannon will meet his father in FBI: Most Wanted, here's who plays his dad (and more to know)!

Veteran actor Steven Williams will join FBI: Most Wanted in Season 5 as Ray Cannon's dad! Find out more on the role here!

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FBI: Most Wanted fans are going to see some intriguing new faces this season, and one of them has ties to Ray Cannon! Find out who it is here!

FBI: Most Wanted has endured a few cast changes in its short time on the air. There’s yet another one coming for the delayed Season 5, as Alexa Davalos will be departing as Kristin Gaines. It seems this decision was made after Season 4, with the producers feeling Gaines’ story was pretty much finished. 

A familiar face steps in as Shantel VanSanten will reprise her role as FBI’s Nina Chase, now a full-time agent with the Most Wanted team. She’ll debut in the Season 5 premiere on February 13. But fans will get some nice insight into another agent’s past. 

When Ray Cannon (Edwin Hodge) joined the team in Season 4, it was mentioned his dad was a veteran cop turned FBI agent, with Ray following in his footsteps. Ray doesn’t mention his father too much, but they do seem close. 

Now, fans will get to see the senior Cannon for the coming Tuesday, February 20th episode,  “Footsteps.” Per Deadline, the episode has the team hunting a bomber going after retired cops. 

Meanwhile, Ray has been getting closer to Cora (Caroline Harris), the single mom he met in Season 4. So, what better time to introduce her to his dad?

Who plays the elder Cannon?

Playing Ray Cannon Sr is Steven Williams, best known for his role as Captain Adam Fuller in the 1980s Fox hit 21 Jump Street. Since then, Williams has been packing on scores of TV roles like The X-Files, The Equalizer, All Rise, Snowfall, Supernatural and more. 

Speaking to Deadline, Hodge gushed about being able to work with one of his favorite actors. 

"Casting pulls no punches when it comes to bringing amazing artists on the show. When I found out Steven Williams was jumping on to play my father, I was instantly excited. I’d watched his work for years and knew that he would bring an element that would be engaging to our audience. He’s intense, but hilarious at the same time. It’s a great combination for the foundation of his and Ray’s relationship on the show. Meeting his father opens up Ray’s world a little more for the audience by giving meaning and understanding to why he chose the same path in life to serve in law enforcement. It’ll be fun to see how their relationship develops and also the impact it may have on Ray in the future."

Edwin Hodge

The producers have confirmed that Williams will be around for more of Season 5. It would be fun to see him perhaps offer some insight on a case to the team and he and Ray getting along well. It looks to be a fun addition for FBI: Most Wanted to see how Cannon turned out the way he did and make the new season worth the wait.

FBI: Most Wanted season 5 premieres on Tuesday, Feb. 13, at 10 p.m. ET only on CBS.