Resident Alien showrunner Chris Sheridan and lead Alan Tudyk talk interviews, Season 3, and more

Resident Alien is back for a third season. We sat down with showrunner Chris Sheridan and lead actor Alan Tudyk about what to expect in Season 3 and more.

RESIDENT ALIEN -- "Lone Wolf" Episode 301 -- Pictured: Alan Tudyk as Harry Vanderspeigle -- (Photo by: James Dittiger/SYFY)
RESIDENT ALIEN -- "Lone Wolf" Episode 301 -- Pictured: Alan Tudyk as Harry Vanderspeigle -- (Photo by: James Dittiger/SYFY) /

If there is a fun sci-fi series that is severely underrated, it’s Resident Alien. The series is based on the Dark Horse comics of the same name, but there are a few changes to some of the storylines.

Alan Tudyk plays Harry, who happens to be an alien in this SYFY series. He crash-landed in a small Colorado town and took on the form of a doctor. When the town doctor is murdered, he’s called in to take on that role. And so starts his journey in learning more about humans—the species he is supposed to be destroying!

At the end of the second season, showrunner Chris Sheridan opted to include some real interviews with people who have been abducted by aliens. We also saw another person learn the truth about who Harry is, which is going to change things moving into the third season. Chris Sheridan and Alan Tudyk discussed with us what all this would mean.

Chris Sheridan talks about a theme for Resident Alien Season 3

There tend to be themes to seasons of TV shows, and Resident Alien is no exception. The first season had a theme of finding a home and figuring out who you are. In the second season, there’s a focus on parental love and family. What is the theme for the third season?

"“There’s a couple of themes going on. One of them is, more so than the first season, is for all the characters to look inward and ask the question ‘who am I?’ They’re all changing a little bit because of Harry’s entrance into this world…they’re wondering why they are who they are.”"

Chris Sheridan

There is a topic of things that have happened to us as children. During the previous season, we learned Ben Hawthorn had been abducted multiple times as a child, but he doesn’t remember it. That is going to come up.

"“Things that happen to you as a child help create who you are as an adult. The only way to get past that baggage is to face it head-on…We see it in Ben…He’s been fearful his whole life and we find out it’s because of this trauma of his whole life of being abducted by aliens.”"

Chris Sheridan

The decision to use the interviews in Resident Alien Season 2

There was some breaking of the fourth wall in the Resident Alien Season 2 finale. Sheridan and his team opted to use interviews with real people who have been abducted by aliens. We talked about why the decision to use them was made and whether they could be used again.

"“I loved that and it turned out better than I hoped…I’m a believer in abductions and aliens and I wanted to put out there something that felt very real that makes Liv’s experience, when she gets on camera, feel very real.”"

Chris Sheridan

The first person in the interviews was Mike Richardson, who owns Dark Horse. He was willing to share his story about seeing a UFO as a child.

"“I would love to do something like that again, because there are so many people who have these stories. We’re trying to be as authentic as possible with these experiences.”"

Chris Sheridan

Harry fighting for Earth instead of against Earth

Harry was sent to Earth with the mission of destroying the planet. That failed at the end of Season 1 as he started to gain some humanity. However, he still tried to go through with the mission in the second season until the end. Now he’s on Earth’s side. When did Harry actually change his mind?

"“Right at the end of Season 2. He’s planning to leave. I think it’s that moment he’s in the spaceship that the Greys provided, and he’s going to leave. He doesn’t think there’s anything he can do about it. And he’s with his son, Bridget, and then he decides ‘you know what, I can help. And I’m going to fight for my human half.’”"

Alan Tudyk

It isn’t just about the planet or the people, though. There is something else driving Harry to help Earth in the third season.

"“He also hates the Greys. There’s a little bit of ‘you can’t destroy this planet. If anyone is going to destroy this planet, it’s going to be me; on my terms.’ And he decides to fight and that’s why he pairs up with McCallister.”"

Alan Tudyk

We’re going to pick straight up from where Harry was left at the end of the second season. He’s just had the shackles taken off and he’s ready to fight.

D’Arcy finding out the truth about Harry in Resident Alien

The end of the second season saw the bubble of people learning the truth about Harry expand. Now D’Arcy knows. What was that like for Tudyk as his character gets to be more open?

"“It’s great. I get to work with more people now as part of the practical repercussions of that. I have some great stuff with D’Arcy this season.”"

Alan Tudyk

We’ll get to see D’Arcy and Harry working together. D’Arcy wants to find her purpose, and it could be to help save the Earth from aliens.

"“I love having her around. Not only can we have scenes where we can have conversations together…we can go on adventures together. We have missions.”"

Alan Tudyk

Tudyk also shared that it’s fun to have more aliens this season, although admitted that Harry is becoming more half and half rather than a full-blood alien.

Take a look at the full interview with Resident Alien’s Chris Sheridan and Alan Tudyk below:

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Resident Alien Season 3 premieres on Wednesday, Feb. 14 on SYFY. Catch up the following day on Peacock.