RJ explodes over Luna and Zende's dinner date (Bold and the Beautiful Jan. 10 recap)

Joshua Hoffman "The Bold and the Beautiful" Set CBS Television City Los Angeles, Ca. 03/16/23 © Howard Wise/jpistudios.com 310-657-9661
Joshua Hoffman "The Bold and the Beautiful" Set CBS Television City Los Angeles, Ca. 03/16/23 © Howard Wise/jpistudios.com 310-657-9661 /

RJ wasn't having it on today's episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. His work day started off pleasant enough. He got to share that he'd spent quality time with his grandfather, Eric, at the hospital and that the visit was a good one. But when he asked Luna how her night had been, she hedged a bit before expressing that she never wants to lie to him, so she admitted that she'd been with Zende and that it wasn't about work.

Elaborating, Luna explained that Zende had issued a dinner invitation but, at the time, she had thought he was the one who sent it. Nothing happened, they didn't even break bread but, curiously, Luna tried to say that the whole situation was innocent. Still, she did have to share that Zende had kissed her on the cheek. This, of course, led to RJ's temper skyrocketing when his cousin entered the design office in search of his sketch pad.

RJ didn't go from 0 to 100, he was already at 100 as he began to yell at Zende. He called him pathetic and then accused Zende of being incapable of getting a girl so he resorted to having his kiss him. The former I agreed with, the latter was a failed attempt at belittling Zende who we know hasn't been short on interested ladies, he just hasn't been able to maintain relationship with the women of his choice. I mean the man was once married to Nicole Avant, but I digress.

Zende tried to play off his clear overstep, but underplaying his decision to attempt to win Luna over didn't sit well with RJ. His cousin alleged that he'd done it to get back at him since they've been clashing over work at Forrester. RJ said he's done his best to see his perspective regarding feeling slighted that he'd even asked if they could work on Eric's legacy line together, but he's done trying to extend an olive branch. He dismissed Zende by telling him to back off and then to see his way out of the office with his sketch pad.

Luna didn't want the two to fight over her and, technically, they didn't. RJ stood his ground, detailing what he wasn't going to tolerate and Zende got an earful. Once Zende departed, RJ apologized for implying that the only reason his cousin would be interested in her is because he's feeling vengeful. Luna wasn't bothered, she'd wondered the same thing at first but quickly realized that that wasn't the case. She recognizes that Zende is attracted to her and, yeah, being with her would be a way for him to slight his cousin, but she's not a pawn caught in the middle.

Zende is aware, because Luna made it clear and also assured RJ, her heart is firmly in the hands of her boyfriend. She has no doubt who she wants to be with. But that doesn't mean Zende's given up. He peaked in through the door as the couple kissed, his days of trying to get Luna to see the potential of what they could be certainly aren't over.

Emma's death continues to hang over the plot

Steffy was so distracted at work that Hope took notice when she was attempting to talk business with her. The two briefly talked about Thomas and the progress he's made since 2019, and how this situation with Xander could set him back. They had to cut the conversation short when Thomas walked in, though Steffy did tell him that they were discussing how proud she is of the man he's become.

Thomas boiled it down to Hope, but in actuality it's all because of the work he's been doing on himself not their relationship. But, despite my disagreement with his comment, it is obvious that his mind is on the future and that's because of the engagement necklace she's wearing. She hasn't said yes, and has no plans to at any point in the near future, but it's basically a promise that she might one day.

When Steffy left, Thomas and Hope discussed their future. Once again, Thomas affirmed that he can wait and is not rushing his love for an answer about his proposal, he's just happy to see her wearing the ring he gave her. They, admittedly, had some cute moments in this episode but Hope needs to make a decision and stop stringing this man along because he fulfills her physical and emotional needs. Thomas deserves better than that. Though, if Finn were to be asked, Thomas might deserve a jail cell.

Citing a meeting that put her on his side of town, Steffy dropped by her husband's office after she received a text message for him. The two lovingly greeted each other but it didn't take long for the conversation to turn toward Xander's second visit to Finn about Emma, once they discussed how well Eric has been doing with his recovery.

Steffy has been adamant that digging into the past, which she asked Finn not to do, is dangerous. Not because she's worried that Thomas will hurt someone but because it could cause her brother to regress. She doesn't want to see him backslide into the person he once was. While Finn heard her, he still insisted that she ask Thomas point blank what happened that night back in 2019. Expect a conversation between the two siblings in the near future, especially since it seems that Steffy didn't know the navigation on Thomas' car put him on Mulholland Drive at the time of Emma's death.

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