SEAL Team season 7 premiere date: Paramount+ announces the beginning of the end

SEAL Team season 7 is the final season of the military drama. When will it premiere? Here's the date, along with the trailer to get us ready.
SEAL Team Season 7 -- Courtesy of Paramount+
SEAL Team Season 7 -- Courtesy of Paramount+ /

It is almost time for the end of Bravo Team. There is one last ride as SEAL Team season 7 finally get a premiere date.

There have been a few rumors recently as to when the season could arrive. Well, Paramount+ has brought an end to the rumors, officially announcing a premiere date. We also have a trailer and a synopsis to get ready for the beginning of the end.

When will SEAL Team season 7 premiere on Paramount+

Get Sunday, Aug. 11 in your diary. That’s when the first episode of SEAL Team season 7 drops on Paramount+.

In fact, there will be two episodes dropping on the day. After that, episodes will air on the streamer each Sunday. Viewers in Canada will be able to watch on Paramount+ the same day, while those in Australia can watch on the streamer the day after (time zones!).

There are 10 episodes in this final season, making the finale date Sunday, Oct. 6.

One last ride for Bravo Team in the final season

This is the confirmed final season. There isn’t a movie in the works anymore, so this is where it all comes to an end. We’ll get to see one more mission—well, a few more missions based on the look of the trailer. There is one in the jungle, based on the caps used, and one somewhere in the Middle East.

Warfare is changing. You either adapt or get left behind, and Davis wants to make sure Bravo Team takes this seriously. The problem is Bravo Team has appeared to be the “problem child” for the military in recent seasons. All eyes are on them as they go into this last mission, and it’s going to be with a new team member.

There’s a clip in the trailer with Sonny and Stella at Clay’s headstone. Sonny knows that the spot on the team can’t permanently stay empty, which it has done. While Omar came in, we have to remember that the team lost Full Metal just before Clay as well. They’ve been operating one man down for a while, and that’s going to change. A new guy is coming in, and he’s sure to ruffle a few feathers.

Meanwhile, everyone needs to decide if the military and the devotion to the country are worth it. Personal lives are being sacrificed. Is it time for some of them to get out before they lose their lives or their families? That looks to be something Jason, Ray, and Sonny will all need to make.

Take a look at the trailer for SEAL Team season 7:

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