Testament: The Story of Moses and more religious movies and shows to stream for Easter

With Easter weekend upon us, here are 10 great religious movies and shows to stream for this huge holiday!
Premiere Of Netflix's "The Chosen - Season 3" At Le Grand Rex In Paris
Premiere Of Netflix's "The Chosen - Season 3" At Le Grand Rex In Paris / Marc Piasecki/GettyImages

Easter weekend is upon us, which means a lot of movie and TV marathons, mostly for faith-centered movies. It's a pretty obvious idea, as while most associate Easter with chocolate and bunnies, it always has its ties to Jesus's death, resurrection, and legacy. It's no wonder there's been so many films and TV shows on him, even as others look at other aspects of this time. That includes the 1950s when Hollywood went whole hog for grand Biblical epics. 

There are scores of choices, from movies to television, some fanciful takes while others try to be more serious. From movies based on huge events to some TV shows with nice tales, these are ten religious-themed properties to check out on Easter weekend and even those not hugely religious can still get some enjoyment from them. 

Testament: The Story of Moses

This new docuseries looks at the life of Moses, from his birth as a slave to an Egyptian prince to exile to a prophet leading his people to freedom. It's a classic docudrama, mixing interviews with historians and scholars alongside scripted recreations of key moments in Moses' life. 

It can seem a bit dry at times, but it's still good, cutting through some of the myths to showcase the power Moses had. It's fitting to release this at Easter time and showcase the impact the true Moses had, no matter what religion you follow. 

Testament: The Story of Moses streaming on Netflix

The Ten Commandments

Die Zehn Gebote, Ten Commandments, The
Die Zehn Gebote, Ten Commandments, The / United Archives/GettyImages

For a more fanciful take on Moses, there's no topping Cecil B. Demille's 1956 epic. Charlton Heston is perfectly cast as the man rising as a prince of Egypt, only to be cast out when it's discovered he's the son of slaves. Yul Brynner matches him as rival brother Ramses, and seeing them trying to out-ham each other is glorious.

The supporting cast is magnificent, with Anne Baxter, Edward G. Robinson, Yvonne De Carlo, and more backing the lead pair. It's still amazing watching thousands of live extras on these lavish sets, with the parting of the Red Sea a marvelous sight. It may be campy, but that's what makes it special to be a mainstay of the Easter season. 

The Ten Commandments on DVD and available to buy on Prime Video


On the set of Ben-Hur
On the set of Ben-Hur / Sunset Boulevard/GettyImages

For more Heston biblical goodness, check him out in his Oscar-winning turn in this 1959 classic, for a time the most honored movie in Academy Awards history. Directed by William Wyler, it follows Heston as the title character, a Jewish prince betrayed by his best friend (Stephen Boyd) and put into slavery. He rises up to face his former friend in the most amazing chariot race ever put on film. 

The movie does have touches of Jesus and how he connects to Judah's journey with Heston fantastic in the lead. Its 11 Oscar wins including Best Picture, Director and more showcase its power and makes it a great watch at any time of the year but especially Easter.

Ben-Hur on DVD and available to buy on Prime Video

The Robe

Das Gewand Aka. The Robe, Usa 1953
Das Gewand Aka. The Robe, Usa 1953 / United Archives/GettyImages

Another classic 1950s Biblical epic, this 1953 hit adapts the best-selling novel. Richard Burton plays a Roman centurion who happens to be on hand when Jesus is killed. He then gets his hands on the titular robe Jesus wore, which seems to grant him madness but, in reality, makes him a follower of Christ. 

The movie has some great set pieces and Victor Mature terrific as Burton's slave servant who eventually fights against him. It's a classic epic of its time while showing how the impact of Jesus' life lasted long after his death. 

The Robe on DVD and available to buy on Prime Video 

Jesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Christ Superstar
Jesus Christ Superstar / Evening Standard/GettyImages

It can be a divisive movie, but there's no denying that this 1973 entry is unlike any other story about Jesus. It adapts Andrew Lloyd Webber's Broadway musical, meaning we get a rock soundtrack amid characters busting out into some wild tunes, such as the title entry. 

The cast is good with the focus on the conflict between Jesus and Judas that led to the latter's betrayal. It got a mixed reaction although Pope Paul VI praised it to show it did have a following. Today, it's an intriguing tale to watch and show how the story of Christ can be adapted for almost any medium and still work. 

The Chosen

A surprise sensation, this is the first multi-season look at the life of Jesus and expands on parts of his life previous takes skipped. Jonathan Roumie plays the man who starts as just a quiet carpenter before taking on the role of a prophet spreading his word of peace. 

The show focuses not just on him but his Apostles and Mary Magdalene as well as the impact on the politics of Rome. Each season has been building up toward the Crucifixion yet taking its time and showing the human side of Jesus. It's little wonder it's taken off into such a massive international success and keeps drawing in viewers enthralled by how it humanizes this iconic figure.

The Chosen streaming on Netflix, Peacock and CWTV.

Jesus of Nazareth

Robert Powell
Robert Powell / Evening Standard/GettyImages

Before The Chosen, the best TV take on the life of Christ was in this 1977 epic mini-series by Franco Zeffirelli. Robert Powell is the blue-eyed Jesus, and the mini-series condenses some of his various exploits and the Gospels in a compelling way. Its take on the Crucifixion was pretty harrowing for 1970s TV. 

The all-star cast is amazing, with Anne Bancroft, James Earl Jones, James Farentino, Ian McShane as Judas, Anthony Quinn, Peter Ustinov, and too many more to count. It's a highlight of the classic epic mini-series of the era and still holds up today as a beautiful take on his life. 

Jesus of Nazareth streaming on Tubi

The Passion of the Christ

Moviegoers Line Up For the Opening of "The Passion of the Christ"
Moviegoers Line Up For the Opening of "The Passion of the Christ" / J. Countess/GettyImages

It may be a bit too brutal for some viewers but Mel Gibson's 2004 hit remains as powerful twenty years later. Jim Caviezel is Jesus facing his betrayal and the hours before his death and Gibson doesn't hold back showing every agonizing moment of his ordeal. 

From his beatings to the final breath, it's a harrowing movie yet also shows the faith of the man and what his sacrifice meant. After all the controversy and violence, it may not be a family movie, but it is important for this season.

The Passion of the Christ streaming on Vix


William Spencer Reilly, Joseph Fiennes, Maria Dolores Dieguez
New York Screening Of "Risen" / Roy Rochlin/GettyImages

With so many projects about Jesus and the Crucifixion, this 2016 film takes a different tack by exploring the aftermath. When Jesus' body vanishes from its tomb, the Romans assume his followers stole it. Joseph Fiennes is the Centurion sent to track it down and finds himself on a strange journey.

Interestingly, the movie calls the Messiah by the name of Yeshua rather than Jesus but still follows the other Apostles. The key to it is Fiennes slowly realizing the Resurrection is real and that there's more to this man than there seems. It's an underrated movie but interesting, showing the Roman perspective of this event.

Risen streaming on Pluto 

Touched By an Angel


For wonderful family entertainment, this long-running CBS hit is still a great watch. Roma Downey is Monica, a newbie angel who travels the country, aiding people in need. She's helped by mentor Tess (Della Reese) and later Andrew, the upbeat Angel of Death (John Dye). Downey is angelic with her Irish accent and looks to ground the show nicely.

Each episode is well made with some terrific guest stars, always pushing some warm messages of love and forgiveness and the angels acting in their best interests. Its nine-season run remains impressive, so while not pushing the religious themes too much, it's still a great watch for any time of the year. 

Touched By an Angel Seasons 1-9 streaming on Paramount+.