The 6 best Tony and Ziva moments on NCIS

Before we see the new NCIS spinoff focusing on Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David, check out the six best moments between the two from the original series.
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With the news of a spin off series focusing on Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David from NCIS, fans are so excited to see what the couple is up to. For years on the original series, there was always a question of whether they would get together or not.

Throughout the series, there was a will they/won’t they aspect to their relationship and then one character would leave then come back, and vice versa. So even when Tony and Ziva did get together, fans didn't actually get to watch them together.

But now, we will get a new spin-off series focusing on their lives in Europe with their young daughter, Tali. From what we know so far, the series will revolve around Tony and Ziva working together to figure out who attacked Tony’s security company.

The series will also explore the trust issues the couple is facing. It’s set to air on Paramount+ instead of CBS, but we are still looking forward to tuning in.

There is still not a lot we know about the show. But one thing is clear and that everyone is so excited to see what is coming next. We wanted to take this opportunity to look back on some of our favorite Tiva moments from NCIS. Here are some of the top Tiva moments through the course of NCIS.

Their first meeting

From the first moment they met, Tony and Ziva had such a fun banter together. Of course, they met right as Tony was in the midst of daydreaming about the recently deceased Caitlin Todd. However, there was some animosity present once Tony realized what she was at NCIS for. But looking back at how they started, it’s clear there was something about them that had fans hooked from the start.

Even though things started off rocky, eventually Tony and Ziva would learn to work together and they always managed to have fun while doing so.

Going Under cover

When Ziva officially began working with NCIS as a Liasion, her first undercover assignment with Tony saw them pretend to be a married couple. This was an early sign of just how well they could work together, especially when it came to acting as romantic partners before they would develop feelings for one another.

A rescue mission

After the season six finale, which saw Ziva staying with Mossad after a fatal confrontation between Tony and her boyfriend, Mossad Agent Michael Rivkin, the NCIS team find out Ziva had been captured after a Mossad mission that went wrong. The season seven opener saw Tony and fellow Agent Timothy McGee purposely got themselves captured so they could rescue her and bring her home. It was one of the best episodes of the series and showed how despite the ending of season six, she was still an important part of the team.


This season 10 episode found Ziva and Tony on an undercover mission to capture the man responsible for killing her father, Eli David, and NCIS Director Vance’s wife. This episode featured an intimate moment between the two as they danced at one point. 

Saying goodbye

Tony and Ziva reunited in Israel in season 11, episode two, making this the last time they were onscreen together. It was an episode that saw their first kiss before Tony went back to NCIS without Ziva. This would mark her last appearance until she came back at the end of season 16.

A small surprise

In season 13, Ziva was presumed dead after her farmhouse exploded. Tony learned that Ziva had given birth to their daughter, Tali, but never told him. She didn’t want to upend his life, knowing he would have dropped everything to be with her and Tali. Tony decided to leave NCIS and raise the little girl in Paris.

Even though Tony and Ziva did not reunite on screen afterwards, we do know that once it was safe for her to do so, Ziva went to Paris to be with her family. 


Now fans will get to see their lives together after so many years of waiting for them to be a couple. Make sure to keep an eye on Hidden Remote as we learn more about the new spinoff!