The Eagles fly into the Abbott Elementary season 3 premiere with surprise cameos

Philadelphia Eagles v Kansas City Chiefs
Philadelphia Eagles v Kansas City Chiefs / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

Abbott Elementary’s season 3 premiere promised to be packed thanks to its hour in length, but no one would have expected that it’d also be studded with Philly sports stars, specifically Philadelphia Eagles’ Jalen Hurts, Jason Kelce, and Brandon Graham. The comedy has been repping for the Eagles since the beginning, so it's nice to see them make an appearance. Let me set the scene for you!

The season opener, “Career Day,” takes place five months into the school year. It marks Jeanine’s first initiative as a fellow for the district. A lot is riding on the day as it’ll decide whether or not an idea of hers will be taken seriously since Career Day is an event that she’d like to institute in every school in the city.

Janine had put together a roster of guests at Abbott that catered to the interests of the teachers at the school and their classes. Melissa got a marketing professional from the Philadelphia Eagles who’d arranged for Jalen Hurts to video conference into his session with her class. This, of course, caused a mass rush to Melissa’s classroom because everyone wanted to say hello to the famed quarterback.

Before the situation got out of hand, Janine worked out a way to broadcast Hurts to every classroom in Abbott so that the kids and teachers could go back to their respective classes and still talk to the star. Hurts also took a moment to help Melissa’s boyfriend, Gary, propose to her but, unfortunately for him, it resulted in a public rejection.

Melissa had repeatedly told him that she didn’t want to get married again. She’d done it before, and it didn’t work out, so she wasn’t going to put herself through another attempt. What happened with Gary was on him because she really couldn’t have been more direct about it than she had been. He was the one who didn’t listen.

Noticing that he was on a video call, defensive end Brandon Graham and (now retired) center Jason Kelce popped into frame to tell him that they needed to get to practice. However, they still had a moment to be nosy and asked what was going on. Hurts filled them in and Graham told him that he needs to stop helping people with their proposals and set boundaries but that isn’t something Hurts is good at doing.

Melissa and Gary broke up amicably since this isn’t a difference in what they want in life that they’ll be able to get past. When she came back into the room after parting ways with Gary, the players gave their support to Melissa for making the decision that was right for her. She clearly appreciated their kind words. Then they left after she affectionately sent them off to practice.

Though Janine initially thought that Career Day didn’t go well. Manny, Emily, and Simon assured her that it was a smash hit because she’d gotten the Eagles to make an appearance. That’s a good look for the district which means that her initiative will be seen as a success.

“Career Day” was an excellent start to the season. If you missed the episode, next day streaming for new episodes of Abbott Elementary is available on Hulu. Stay tuned to Hidden Remote for more news and coverage.