The Love is Blind season 6 reunion has been set and not everyone has been invited!

We are slowly working our way to the end of season 6 of Love is Blind which means one thing, reunion time. We share all the details on when it is going down and what time you can watch.

Love is Blind. Brittney in episode 604 of Love is Blind. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024
Love is Blind. Brittney in episode 604 of Love is Blind. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024 /

Although we are still two batches away from finding out if our couples will say yes at the altar, Netflix has announced the upcoming Love is Blind: The Reunion. Our singles from North Carolina have been stirring up some drama, and this reunion should be wild. We share when you can catch the reunion along with some predictions for the remaining couples.

In the most recent episodes, we saw our first breakup with Brittany and Kenneth splitting up, with the jury still out on what went down. I hope the reunion goes in depth about these two breaking up. Plus, we heard that Sarah Ann slid into Jeramey's DMs while Jessica was still hoping to possibly run into Jimmy. Of course, I can't say much other than that you don't want to miss these final three episodes.

Love Is Blind: The Reunion release date

The Love is Blind: The Reunion will drop on March 13 at 9 PM EST on Netflix. In the video Vanessa Lachey says names of who were invited to the reunion mentioning Jimmy, Chelsea, Brittany, Clay and AD. There are quite a few names missing? However, she does say the fans can submit questions along with suggesting who they want to see at the reunion. I am confused, but this could interesting since the reunion will be filmed in front of a live audience and include surprise guests.

So exactly one week after the couples walk the aisle, we will get all the goods on what went down, who said yes, who said no, the drama amongst the couples, and so much more. I'll be honest, this might be the most anticipated reunion in Love is Blind history.

We are down to four couples, and this is how I rank them from most likely to get married to least likely to get married.

  • Johnny and Amy: 100% - These two are a delight to watch each week, and they are getting married (don't let me down, Netflix). They have this glow about them that shines, and you can tell these two are in love.
  • Clay and AD: 70% - Despite their highs and lows, Clay and AD seem to have a strong pact. I need some more convincing that they will both say I do, but I am leaning they will right now.
  • Laura and Jeramey: 30% - Can we talk about a couple with so many hot and cold moments? After Sarah Ann slid into the DMs, the trailers did not seem keen on these two. I don't see it happening.
  • Chelsea and Jimmy: 0% - I am not, nor have I ever been a Jimmy fan. I believe he has strung Chelsea along throughout this entire season, and she has managed to take all the heat for it. If Chelsea says I do to this man, I may need to fly to North Carolina to have a face-to-face to get an answer.

Love is Blind season 6 episodes 1-9 are streaming on Netflix.