The one Friends mystery that was never answered (Denise!!)

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There's no question about it, Friends is one of the best sitcoms ever made. Not only does it perfectly blend heart and comedy, but you fall in love with these characters who keep you wanting to visit again and again. And sure, it has its flaws, as does any other series, but we love it. Something rather unique the sitcom brought to the table, is also mystery. In particular, the mystery of Phoebe Buffay's (Lisa Kudrow) roommate, Denise.

One of the things that sets Friends apart is the stories of friendship and the bonds shared between Monica (Courtney Cox), Rachel (Jennifer Aniston), Chandler (Matthew Perry), Ross (David Schwimmer), Joey (Matt LeBlanc), and Phoebe (Kudrow). A friendship that continues behind the screens. Friends explores the strong support of friends during the ups and downs of life. But Phoebe may have had a close friend outside of the core six.

Denise was first name-dropped in season 6 by Phoebe. In the episode "The One with Ross' Denial," Rachel asks Phoebe if she can move in with her since Chandler has moved in with Monica. It seems like a great idea and you wonder why Phoebe herself didn't suggest this right away. Well, we quickly get our answer when Phoebe tells Rachel that she loves that idea if it weren't for her current roommate, Denise. Chandler, Monica, Joey, and Rachel look confused and ask Phoebe who Denise is. An annoyed Phoebe tells them that Denise is her roommate. Chandler asks Phoebe how she has a roommate that none of them have heard about before, Phoebe yells that they never listen to anything she has to say and storms off.

Now, it's possible that Phoebe simply doesn't want Rachel to move in with her to avoid drama. Or maybe Phoebe likes her privacy. But that doesn't sound like Phoebe. Later, Phoebe tells Rachel that Denise is leaving town until Dec. 26, offering Rachel her room until that time. Rachel accepts and jokes that Denise could be Santa, since she returns after Christmas. Phoebe looks shocked as she pauses momentarily considering what Rachel just said. This makes us believe that Denise is real. Otherwise, Phoebe wouldn't be so surprised.

What do you think about this Denise mystery? Whether Denise was real or not, Friends is a popular sitcom even today. It has not only gained new fans, but older fans of the show continue to rewatch the show -- and it's funny every single time! Stream all episodes of Friends on Max.