The Traitors season 2 episode 7 recap: Does Peter accept the traitor's offer?

The Traitors episode 7 was jam-packed and full of drama. We share everything that went down in the episode.
THE TRAITORS -- "Blood on Their Hands" Episode 207 -- Pictured: (l-r) Peter Weber, Trishelle Cannatella -- (Photo by: Euan Cherry/PEACOCK)
THE TRAITORS -- "Blood on Their Hands" Episode 207 -- Pictured: (l-r) Peter Weber, Trishelle Cannatella -- (Photo by: Euan Cherry/PEACOCK) /

Fresh off announcing the renewal of The Traitors for a third seasonwe have returned to get down and dirty with our favorite reality TV stars. Last week, we finally had one of the faithful take down a traitor with Peter making big moves. Can he take down a second? Like we do every week, we share who was eliminated and how much money they added to the pot by recapping the episode.

This week's episode only ramped up the drama with the Pavarti vs. Peter battle getting uglier. With Peter's Pales ruffling the feathers of those not in his group, Peter found himself vulnerable to our traitors and the faithful. Just when you think The Traitors can't get any better, you see the higher stakes leading to even more drama. 

Does Peter accept the traitor's offer?

In episode 7, Pavarti and Phaedra were waiting to hear whether Peter accepted their offer. Then, we got a knock on the door, and it wasn't Peter but the host Alan Cummings. He informed them that Peter has turned down their offer to join them as a traitor. This meant that nobody would be murdered overnight, and everyone would be at the breakfast in the morning.

How much money was added to the pot?

The current pot is $95,500. The game was simple: Players had to carry the gold through the woods without getting caught. If they got all the gold through the woods, they could add $ 25,000 to the pot. Everyone was grouped in pairs. The team added $8,000 to the pot, and Kevin and Sandra won the shields.

Who was eliminated from The Traitors?

Alan told the team to put on their coats and meet him for a deadly outing. Everyone was freaking the hell out as they arrived at this spooky wilderness where the center was a fire pit. He announced there would be no roundtable nor a banishment. He told them they have the power to change the course of the entire game.

He said this evening, there would be someone murdered, but the group would get to pick who will be spared that final blow. At the end of the night, five players would be left at the mercy of the traitors, with one of them being murdered.

  • Kevin and Sandra picked Sheree
  • Sheree picked Phaedra
  • Phaedra picked CT
  • CT picked John
  • John picked Peter (saving him from the inevitable murder)

Pavarti, Bergie, Trishelle, Kate, and MJ were the five remaining players, and one of them would be murdered. We saw Pavarti and Phaedra begin to discuss who they think they should murder with Trishelle being the person that they might need to target. What incredible twists in the game. I can't wait to see what the traitors decide to do.

The Traitors episode 7 is available on Peacock.