The wait for Grey's Anatomy season 20 is going to be rough (Here's when it's coming)

Grey's Anatomy fans have been frantic to know when the series will finally return! Here's the date but be warned, it's still a bit of a wait for season 20!
GREY'S ANATOMY - (ABC/Eric McCandless)
GREY'S ANATOMY - (ABC/Eric McCandless) /

Grey’s Anatomy fans have been frantic to know when the iconic medical drama will be returning to the air. Finally, we have a confirmed date for its return for season 20!

2023 marked a historic year as, for the first time since 2005, ABC’s fall TV season didn’t have Grey’s Anatomy on it. The reason, of course, was the WGA and SAG strikes crippling production. Rather than working on Season 20, the actors were hitting the picket lines. 

Thankfully, the strikes were finally settled in November, so production could begin. Fans are eager to see the follow-up to the Season 19 finale’s major cliffhangers. That included Simone running out on her wedding to find Lucas, only for Trey to be injured in a car accident chasing after her, with Simone worried she hurt everyone she cared about.

Meredith returned only to jeopardize funding by announcing at an awards ceremony that all previous Alzheimer’s research (including Derek’s) was wrong and had a controversial new approach. She did give the big award to Bailey while Maggie and Winston got together again with a unique “married but apart” mentality. 

Also, Link and Jo revealed their feelings for each other while Teddy collapsed from being overworked. That was a huge cliffhanger and made the wait for new episodes even worse. 

When is Grey’s Anatomy coming back?

Thankfully, ABC has finally announced its delayed 2024 schedule, and, of course, Grey’s Anatomy is back, although it’s still a bit of a wait as it’s not arriving until Thursday, March 14. This is due to how it takes several weeks to make a regular television drama episode, and for a show with such a large cast as Grey’s, it would take longer. 

Notable is that Grey’s will now be in between 911 (which is moving over from Fox) and Station 19, which has been announced as ending with its upcoming Season 7. So, Thursdays will all involve emergency/medical dramas for a nice block on ABC. 

So fans are going to have to wait a few more months to see Grey’s Anatomy Season 20. Thankfully, the later air date should mean a 13-episode season running without any breaks, and with the full cast returning, the wait will be worth it for the next season of Grey’s Anatomy drama. 

Grey’s Anatomy season 20 premieres Thursday, March 14 at 9/8c on ABC.

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