Victor and Audra force Tucker out of Genoa City on Young and the Restless

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Tucker returned to Genoa City, Wisconsin, in 2022 on The Young and the Restless. Sadly, this character's time has ended two calendar years later.

Trevor St. John confirmed that he completed his run on the show, with no known last air date. So, the third incarnation of Katherine Chancellor's son ends, with William Russ (2009-2010) and Stephen Nichols (2010-2013) preceding St. John in this role.

Victor was recently revealed as Audra's silent partner, who is directing a hostile attempt to take control of Glissade. That development nicely ties to the simultaneous wrap of another storyline involving the love of Tucker's life.

Eileen Davidson
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Goodbye and good luck, Ashley Abbott

Ashley's recently diagnosed dissociative identity disorder ended what became an extended tale. Viewers were taken on a months-long ride, slowly learning that Ashley's mental health issues returned and are tied to an apparent childhood trauma.

The introduction of Ashley's French psychiatrist friend, Alan, helped to clear Tucker of wrongdoing. As Eileen Davidson's character came to acknowledge, her two-time ex-husband, Tucker, was the first to sense that Ashley was not herself and needed specialized care.

Tucker's unsteady romantic relationship with Audra is similar to his uneven relationship with Ashley. However, Ashley's serious issues and maturity level were contrasted with Audra's immaturity and power-hungry desires.

Bryton James
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Unresolved issues with Devon Hamilton

Tucker's hope to have a genuine father-son relationship with his only known child, Devon, and grandson, Dom, is a different and more painful consideration. Hopefully, this part of the storyline will become the focus before St. John's last scenes are shown.

The complicated connection they share was only momentarily balanced by the inclusion of Devon's mother, Harmony Yolanda Hamilton. As viewers recall, that happened when Tucker contacted and included Chene Lawson's return to the cast last year. Devon was touched his father facilitated that reunion during the debut of the Neil Winters Jazz Lounge at the Genoa City Athletic Club.

But Devon soon reverted to comparing his adopted father, Neil, to Tucker. That outlook represents an insurmountable, self-imposed wall that can never be scaled.

Until Bryton James' character is able to accept his biological father for who he is and demonstrate sustained compassion for Tucker, there will never be true peace between these men. This unresolved plot point is one that could be used to write Tucker back someday.

Sorry to see you go again, Tucker McCall

Russ initiated the role in 2009, creating a second son for Katherine Chancellor (played by the arguably greatest actor in this show's history, Jeanne Cooper). Tucker McCall was introduced as the child the Grande Dame gave up for adoption after an affair with Judge Arthur Hendricks.

Katherine did not want to risk the end of her marriage to Gary Reynolds. So, viewers never saw or knew about Tucker until Russ joined the cast. Nichols, best known for playing Steve Patch Johnson on Days of Our Lives became the recast in 2010 and delivered solid performances before becoming the recast.

St. John joined the cast in 2022, nine years after Nichols departed. The gist of Tucker's return storyline involved his desire to reconnect with his son, Devon, and remarry Ashley. Both goals were accomplished with mixed results realized.

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All hail the performance of Trevor St. John

Devoted audience members would be right to believe that St. John should be among next year's nominated Daytime Emmy actors.

This actor's well-earned reputation in daytime includes a long run on the beloved One Life to Live, where he portrayed Todd Manning and Victor Lord, Junior. He was part of that cast from 2003 through the show's end in 2013.

St. John created a new take on Tucker. He injected a sense of devious delight, with his scene-stealing ability a staple.

Some actors thrive in this genre because of their watchability. St. John, as is true of his other colleagues in daytime, makes you care about his alter ego regardless of whatever morally challenged mole hills he creates or concocted mountains he is then forced to climb.

Here's wishing St. John the best going forward and the hope that Tucker returns to GC someday.

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