What happened on Young and the Restless this week? (Jan. 29 – Feb. 2): Tucker appears to be vindicated

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Earlier this week on The Young and the Restless – Ashley refused to believe she was wrong in Paris. Victor's suspicions about Jack and Nikki bore out, and Audra pushed her plan to get Tucker.

The Young and the Restless week in review:

  • Monday, Jan. 29: Jack and Victor had a controlled verbal joust at Society. Summer and Chance continued exploring the start of their relationship. Nikki fired Audra and then called for Jack's help.
  • Tuesday, Jan. 30: Audra's claim of voluntarily leaving Newman Media did not fool Tucker. Devon agreed with Nate's assessment of Tucker, who told Jack that Ashley would confirm he was telling the truth about Paris. Victor missed Nikki with Jack at work but later learned she had shared family information with him. Nick's fall back into love with Sharon was furthered.
  • Wednesday, Jan. 31: Audra and Tucker continued their dual distrust dance around each other. She disregarded Nate's warning to stay away from him after he told Trevor St. John's character Audra is off-limits. Jack reinforced Kyle's boundaries at Jabot. Victor told Nick and Victoria about the fire. Victoria relayed the news to Cole, and Nikki read about it online.
  • Thursday, Feb. 1: Nikki arrived drunk in Jack's office and told him about the prison fire. Victor later caught them together at Newman Media. Ashley rejected a waiter in Paris who supported Tucker's version of events. Lucy learned that Daniel and Heather are back together.
  • Friday, Feb. 2: Adam was heartened by Sally's confidence in him. Chelsea had concerns about Connor's school. Audra let Tucker believe she'll consider his offer. Victor confronted Jack at Newman Media.

Jack's connection to Nikki is discovered

Long after the writing staff shifted from pitting Victor and Jack against each other, Eric Braeden and Peter Bergman still know how to mix it up on Monday, Jan. 29. The sight of these daytime legends sitting at Society's bar and working through pages of dialogue was worth the watch. Shortly after that, Victor came upon Nikki's locked office door, with Jack having just promised to resolve her impulsive termination of Audra. Meanwhile, Summer and Chance's feeling-out chemistry experiments will likely soon lead to real romance.

Tucker either did tell the truth, or he's bribed employees at the cafe in Paris, where Ashley was headed with Traci on Tuesday, Jan. 30. Trevor St. John's character is sure his estranged wife will confirm he did nothing to her while also keeping personal lines open with Audra, who intends to bring him down with Nate's help.

The point of Devon and Nate's conversation about Tucker was not to further Bryton James' storyline. Instead, Sean Dominic's character might become Audra's business and potential personal connection. Nikki's refusal to accept Jack's advice and tell Victor he is her sponsor projects trouble ahead. Nick has a look in his eye when Sharon is in the room like he hasn't had since their last engagement. Hopefully, this daytime road does not end in disappointment for fans of this couple's revival.

Nate's warning to Audra was wise on Wednesday, Jan. 31. She severely underestimates her ability to fool Tucker and plans to forge ahead. Zuleyka Silver's character allowed Tucker to push her buttons while becoming closer to Nate.

It is reasonable to wonder how long Kyle will tolerate his parents treating him like a child rather than a high-level executive. That and Audra's ambition might cause Kyle to reconsider joining her Tucker take down plan. Meanwhile, Colleen Zenk's character should reappear shortly if Jordan escaped and did not perish in the fire. Hopefully, a soapy bow will be tied to this part of the storyline. Zenk is a daytime icon, and her character could endure in a different role. But as this particular villain, how far can the writing staff go with Jordan?

As expected, Nikki could not keep Jack's sponsorship of her a secret on Thursday, Feb. 1. Hardcore fans likely feel it's fitting that the rivalry between Victor and Jack is back on and that Nikki is again in the middle.

No one puts it past Tucker to pay off the waiter at the Parisian Cafe. But the recent two-part retro episodes, paired with current events, imply that Ashley is enduring another battle with mental health issues. Another reasonable question is if Lucy's knowledge of her parents' reconciliation makes her a threat.  She wants Lily out of the picture, and ensuring she knows about Heather's renewed place in Daniel's life might be too tempting to resist.

The revived relationship between Adam and Sally made sense on Friday, Feb. 2. Nick was attempting to replace his brother, but, in the end, Sally returned to the man she loved.

Judah Mackey's character, Conner Newman, was hastily written off to a boarding school recently. Part of that storyline deepened the bond between Chelsea and Billy, a couple that could get engaged this year. Finally, Jack knew it had to happen. Tucker is a hard guy to beat, so it will be interesting to see if Audra can best him. The Mustache was suspicious of Nikki reaching out to her ex for help and should have told her husband about it, as Jack twice suggested, on Young and the Restless.


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