Victor could take deadly aim at Jack with Jordan as his weapon on Young and the Restless

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Victor holds Jack accountable for the severity of Nikki's problem on The Young and the Restless. Of course, the Moustache is not rational regarding his longtime arch-nemesis. Combine that with the jailed Jordan's recent offer to Victor, and trouble is telegraphed. 

Seeing Colleen Zenk's villain behind bars in the prison dungeon Victor created is classic soap. To think that no one at the Ranch, including the staff, would be aware that Jordan is down there requires a deep suspension of disbelief. Viewers could assume that someone is bound to catch Eric Braeden's character while he is coming or going to him.

But in the meantime, a scenario may be gaining daytime steam. Victor could take Jordan's offer and use her as a weapon against Jack in retaliation for Nikki's plight.

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One-eared Marco Annicelli's Young and the Restless history recalled

Devoted fans recall that Victor happened upon a Peruvian drug lord who was Jack's doppelganger. He orchestrated Marco Annicelli's release from prison, the kidnapping of Jack, and the switch during the period in the show when Gina Tognoni played Phyllis Summers.

Eventually, everything was revealed after Marco had spent months impersonating Jack in Genoa City, Wisconsin. An odd part of that story included Jack not defending Phyllis' honor by retaliating against Victor. That led to Jack and Phyllis' romantic ties being severed and opened an extended period where Peter Bergman's and Braeden's characters opted not to chide each other constantly.

As for Marco, Victor had one of his ears cut off, so he could presumably not replace Jack again. Victor's action was an admission that what he did was wrong. So, Victor using a dangerous criminal, like Jordan, against Jack would not set a precedent.

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Jordan Howard has no beef with Jack Abbott

Jordan had no natural beef with Victor. But she rationalized her sister, Eve, being wronged by him and stole Eve (Claire) at birth to punish the Newman family. In this instance, facing permanent incarceration and potential death, Jordan told Victor that he could use her so-called skill set. That open-ended offer calculated that Victor's cruel instincts could be mined.

Zenk's persona is not to be taken lightly. In recent months, she has outwitted numerous Newmans, including Victor. In particular, Jordan's ability to take both Claire and Harrison from the Ranch property was astounding. Hopefully, Victor is working with his security team rather than alone. It's plausible to believe she could overpower him and cause further hardship for him and his family while escaping again.

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What could Victor Newman do with Jordan?

Victor recently told Victoria and Cole that he does not want Claire anywhere near the Abbotts. When asked by Amelia Heinle's character, Victor denied planning revenge. However, the audience knows what is developing and what risky options Jordan has just offered. So, some form of targeted attack against Jack is possible.

Jordan's presumed death gives Victor cover to use her as an unforeseeable weapon. Jack is distracted by Diane's call for separation and Ashley's dissociative identity disorder crisis leaves him vulnerable to attack. But it is fair to wonder if, as proved true in the Marco arc, Jack and Victor might team up to stop Jordan at the climax of this engaging storyline.


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