Jordan lives to seek further revenge against the Newmans on The Young and the Restless

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How much more can everyone take on The Young and the Restless? Jordan stole Claire at birth from Victoria and Cole. In the recent past, she forcibly broke Nikki's sobriety and tried to kill many members of her family. But now, Colleen Zenk's character has escaped justice for the arguably third time.

Claire remains best positioned to take Jordan down

Nikki, other Newman family members, and Cole have every right to be outraged by Jordan's actions to date. In an effort to retaliate against Victor, Jordan targeted Nikki, injecting her with vodka. This was intensely diabolical.

Victoria and Cole were robbed of Claire's years on this earth when Jordan decided to avenge her sister's death. Believing that Victor was responsible for Eve's death is irrational. Then, stealing Eve's granddaughter was demented, period.

Among all impacted, no one has suffered more than Claire. She had no choice but to be raised by her crazed great-aunt. Brainwashed into believing her parents and the Newman family abandoned her, Claire grew up believing that Jordan was her savior and protector.

However, everything was revealed when Jordan acknowledged that Victoria and Cole had not turned their backs on Claire. That moment at the cottage proved transformative, with Hayley Erin's turn in those scenes being masterful and potentially earning her a Daytime Emmy nomination. Claire knows Jordan better than anyone and possesses the ability to foresee her next moves, if not to outwit and bring her down.

Kudos to the incomparable Colleen Zenk

Those devoted followers of this iconic soap know that Zenk has quickly put herself into a select group. Ray Wise, who played Ian Ward, may always be Nikki's greatest antagonist. But Zenk indeed lives in that realm because of the magnificent performances she has delivered since debuting last fall.

A separate line has to be added for this soap's greatest-ever villain, the apparently late Sheila Carter. Steffy recently killed Kimberlin Brown's crossover character on sister show, The Bold and the Beautiful. Teasers show Lauren will travel to Los Angeles, California, to commiserate with Eric about their mutual nemesis' demise.

The longtime As the World Turns actor played Barbara from the '70s through the end of this beloved steamer's run in 2010. It seems wrong that she is only a three-time Daytime Emmy Award nominee and that Zenk was never awarded an Emmy.

Anyone who has watched her months-long work on Y&R knows that this fine actor didn't suddenly become that at this point in her career. Some people have the It factor, and Zenk is in that category. Hopefully, her efforts lead to a statue being received, not just a nomination, this go-round.

How and when will this storyline end?

It was reasonable to believe that Jordan would escape from the cottage. That first justice dodge was natural and, thankfully, meant that Zenk was not a cameo player. Having Jordan cause a fire at the prison where she was being held and subsequently escaping was a stretch. But again, that was believable because, like Ian, she is a criminal mastermind.

Eluding the law for a second time, Victor appointed himself the law. He reversed the soapy tables, turning the plot she devised to trap him against her. But despite having contained Jordan in what was intended as her last resting place, Nikki convinced Victor to allow a meeting. Jordan downed the same poison she gave to the Newmans and Cole at the cottage in front of Nikki, Victoria and Claire.

Nikki called for medical help. But Jordan was not dead on arrival. Instead, she calculated that a hospital trip would happen and used that to create another escape. In the world of daytime drama, asking the audience to suspend disbelief is expected. However, having Jordan escape so soon after the prison break must lead to a significantly different follow-up attack.

It is with mixed feelings that closure is called for where Jordan is concerned. But outside of Jordan undergoing some radical personality change caused by some unexpected, permanent event, her freedom can't extend much longer.

One plausible way to extend Zenk's stay indefinitely would be for Jordan to be captured and imprisoned, with further reappearances occurring. However, it would be intriguing if her path and Ian's crossed, mainly because of their mutual fixation on Nikki.


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