What happened on The Young and the Restless this week? (Feb. 12-16): Nikki prepares for Jordan's next attack

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Earlier this week on The Young and the Restless – Nikki's support system didn't prevent another fall. Ashley's certainty was broken and Jordan targeted Seth.

The Young and the Restless week in review:

  • Monday, Feb. 12: Ashley's grip on reality crashed. Billy wanted to rename Chancellor Winters. Nikki was unsure she could defeat the liquid demon while Tucker committed to Audra. Diane was visibly irked by Jack's sponsorship commitment.

  • Tuesday, Feb. 13: Nick and Phyllis talked about old and modern times while they kept an eye on Summer and Chance. Tucker was summoned to the GCAC lounge, where Audra later found him. Ashley lambasted Tucker and later admitted to Traci that she was falling apart.
  • Wednesday, Feb. 14: Nikki took Jordan's call and threw down the gauntlet. Nick was leery of Adam going along with Victor's plan. Sally rejected Chloe's business idea. Claire agreed to Victor's request to help set a trap.
  • Thursday, Feb. 15: Jack's talk with Ashley gave her some perspective. But she felt compelled to take a drive that led to another flashback. Nikki accepted Jordan's call and was threatened. Seth was at the Empty Glass, and Jordan approached him. Victor rejected Adam's pitch despite Nick's backing. Victoria and Cole reassured each other.
  • Friday, Feb. 16: Billy's idea to adjust Chancellor-Winters' name was met with a chilly reception, but he and Chelsea grew closer. Jordan deceived Seth. Nikki learned Victor wants Claire's help. Jack realized the depth of Ashley's trouble.

Ashley was unable to find the truth

Traci exacted a smart plan when attempting to double what Tucker presumably paid the cafe employees in France on Monday, Feb. 12. But their refusal to take her money implied Ashley's version of events was exaggerated.

However, Ashley was incapable of acknowledging reality. Pounding on Tucker's suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club furthered the sad storyline. Meanwhile, Audra was following through on her plan to backstab Tucker and take his company by emotionally reeling him in.

Billy's idea to alter Chancellor-Winters' name to include Abbott caught Chelsea's attention. The next conflict flashpoint was also signaled, with a company split potentially being the endgame. Also, the end of the Jordan saga appeared to be the only way out for Nikki.

Chance asked Summer if her parents were on a date, like they were, at Society on Tuesday, Feb. 13. That day before St. Valentine's Day meeting projected continued romance for Conner Floyd and Allison Lanier's characters. Whether Phyllis pursues Nick will depend on whether Danny can successfully reconnect with Christine.

Tucker does not have Ashley out of his system, no matter what he says to her or Audra. He and Zuleyka Silver's characters are master game players. So, it's impossible to determine if they will commit to each other personally, professionally, or in either case. Meanwhile, Ashley's repeated recollections matching Tucker's description of the honeymoon blowout imply a mental health reckoning.

Longtime viewers were reminded of one reason why Lauren is helping Melody Thomas Scott'scharacter run Newman Media on Wednesday, Feb. 14. Newer fans heard Lauren reference her experience with Sheila. Colleen Zenk's recently introduced villain can be put in the same ballpark as Kimberlin Brown's infamous character, who lives in Los Angeles, California, on sister show, The Bold and the Beautiful.

Adam was purposely kept out of the loop when Jordan trapped the Newman family in Oregon. It is interesting to project what role, if any, Mark Grossman's character will play in helping the family end her reign of torture.

Sally's presence as a potential ignition point between the brothers is undeniable. Meanwhile, based on demonstrated growth, Nick's willingness to give his younger brother another second chance provides a fresh plot path for them to walk on. Claire's role in the anticipated Newman family victory should also prove telling.

Another layer was added to Ashley's storyline, as the car she was being driven in was hit from behind on Thursday, Feb. 15. While it initially appeared to be a modest fender-bender, the incident jogged Ashley's memory and made her recall the accident where she lost her baby. While the exterior scenes were digitized, the sequence was impactful and fit nicely into the mental disintegration storyline.

Yes, Jordan is resourceful. But how did she obtain Nikki's cell phone number? Viewers likely assumed new digits would have been obtained after Oregon. Yet, they weren't.

Viewers took notice of the interior shot of the living room at the Ranch, including a double door. That entrance to the outside telegraphs as an entry point for fulfilling Jordan's promise that she would see Nikki face to face. Fans also now know what Seth's purpose was, as he projects into what will likely be a darker chapter in Jordan's plan to attack Nikki.

Victoria and Cole have no borders between them. Their love for Claire and continued reminiscing should only further reconciliation potential.

Tucker's intuition about Billy wanting more power is given credence, as the Friday, Feb. 16 episode proved. Brian Gaskill's daytime chops indicated that Seth would play a meaningful role in Nikki's life. That time has arrived, with Jordan's scheme beginning to unfold.

Ashley can stop her descent because the Abbott family is behind her. But she will need to summon strength and seek professional help. A betting fan would wager that Claire will use her hard-knock life to help bring Jordan down in Genoa City, Wisconsin, in the near future.


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