When is the Constellation series finale? (Why there likely won't be a second season)

Need a new series to watch? Constellation on Apple TV+ is it! But don't wait on it.
Constellation on Apple TV+
Constellation on Apple TV+ /

Constellation on Apple TV+ is must-see TV. The sci-fi mystery-drama is full of surprises and mind-bending twists. If you are not watching, you're missing out, my friend!

The series will feature a total of eight episodes. At the time of this writing, four are available to stream on Apple TV+, which means Constellation is halfway over. There are still so many questions fans have, but the sci-fi mystery has been doing an incredible job of keeping us all intrigued, without leaving us alone in the dark as most mystery thrillers do. Part of the reason is the clever and well-paced storytelling. And, of course, it also helps that Constellation features a talented cast that includes Noomi Rapace and Jonathan Banks.

Unfortunately, for those hoping there will be a second season, Constellation is a limited series. According to Apple TV, it is an "eight-part, conspiracy-based psychological thriller." Fans quickly caught on that the platform was careful not to mention "season 1," which makes us assume we're only getting eight episodes. But hey, this wouldn't be the first time that a "limited" or "miniseries" got a second season. While I don't see Constellation getting a second season, I wouldn't say it's impossible. As always, Hidden Remote will keep you posted on the latest! For now, let's focus on the episodes we know are coming.

The Constellation series finale is March 27

The first three episodes of the psychological mystery became available to stream on Wednesday, Feb. 21. One episode will follow each Wednesday on the platform up until March 27, when episode 8, the finale, will stream. Are you more of a visual person? Same! Here's the schedule for the remaining episodes for your convinience:

  • Episode 4 "The Left Hand of God" is now streaming
  • Episode 5 (episode title to be revealed) premieres March 6
  • Episode 6 (episode title to be revealed) premieres March 13
  • Episode 7 (episode title to be revealed) premieres March 20
  • Episode 8 (episode title to be revealed) premieres March 27

As you can see, the episode titles for 5-8 have not yet been announced. We'll update you as soon as they do! Are you all caught up with Constellation or are you behind an episode or two? The first four episodes are now streaming. New episodes will join the platform on Wednesdays at approximately 3 a.m. ET. Have you been catching episodes as soon as they land or do you save them for later on in the week? If it's the latter, just be sure you don't wait too long or you'll risk bumping into spoilers online.