Where to stream all the Golden Globe nominated TV series for the 2024 award season

Atmosphere at the 80th Annual Golden Globe Awards Nominations at The Beverly Hilton on December 11, 2023 in Beverly Hills, California.
Atmosphere at the 80th Annual Golden Globe Awards Nominations at The Beverly Hilton on December 11, 2023 in Beverly Hills, California. /

The Golden Globes are here! The first major award ceremony of the season airs Sunday, Jan. 7 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS and will be available to stream live through Paramount+. Every year, those tuned into the films and series that shaped last year's viewing experience--like those of us at Hidden Remote--tuck in to see who's being honored, who got snubbed, and which actors and creators will sweep awards season.

As far as television goes, there was a lot to buzz about regarding shows we binged through or waited with bated breath for to release new episodes from week-to-week. Unfortunately, broadcast was overlooked once more for streaming with exception to Abbott Elementary which has been a darling of Hollywood since its freshman run.

In the era of peak television our cup runneth over so it's not possible to keep up with every series out there to watch. As such, if you're tuning into Globes and you want to start streaming some of the shows that are nominated (or perhaps even those that win), I've got you covered. Here's a list of the nominated series, what they're about, where they stream, if they've been renewed, how many times they've won a Golden Globe, and more!

Best Television Series - Drama

103 - The War Has Come Home
Harrison Ford as Jacob Dutton and Helen Mirren as Cara Dutton of the Paramount+ series 1923. Photo Cr: Emerson Miller/Paramount+ © 2022 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved. /


  • Streamer: Paramount+
  • Renewed?: Yes, for season 2. Premiere date TBD.
  • First time Golden Globe nominee

The first season of the Yellowstone prequel introduced longtime fans of the franchise, and newcomers, to Jacob and Cara Dutton just as the family ranch was under threat. The story takes place in Montana and across the ocean in both Africa and Europe as Spencer Dutton makes his way home to help save the ranch. Just like the flagship series and 1883, 1923 is about family, survival, and coming out on top when the odds are stacked against you.

Helen Mirren, who plays opposite Harrison Ford as Cara Dutton, has received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Series. Considering Cara's fierceness in the face of adversity and Mirren's portrayal of the character's tenacity, cutting rejoinders when provoked, and warmth, it's a nom well deserved.

Crown Season 6
The Crown season 6 /

The Crown

  • Streamer: Netflix
  • Renewed?: No. The sixth season was its last.
  • Golden Globe wins as of 2024: 7 wins (2 for the series; 5 for its actors), 23 nominations

The final season of The Crown was split into two parts with its sixth season releasing at the end of 2023. It's been an eight year run for the series that has chronicled British royal history from Queen Elizabeth II's wedding to Prince Philip in 1947 to her son King Charles III' wedding to Queen Camilla in 2005. Viewers have been gripped since the beginning but the arc surrounding Princess Diana, her death, and the aftermath of her passing was the storyline that many were waiting to see portrayed on the series.

With this last awards season lap, it's not surprising to see it nominated once more. This is its sixth nomination as a show; The Crown has won the award twice--2017 and 2021. All three actresses who've played the Queen--Claire Foy, Olivia Coleman, and Imelda Staunton--have been nominated for a Golden Globe over the years. Both Foy and Coleman have won.

Staunton was nominated in 2023 and has been nominated once more for the 2024 ceremony. Dominic West is also among this year's nominees for his work playing Charles III as is Elizabeth Debicki who portrayed Princess Diana in her final years.

The Diplomat. (L to R) Ato Essandoh as Stuart Heyford, Keri Russell as Kate Wyler in episode 107 of The Diplomat. Cr. Alex Bailey/Netflix © 2023 /

The Diplomat

  • Streamer: Netflix
  • Renewed?: Yes, for a season 2 which is expected in 2024.
  • First time Golden Globe nominee

Keri Russell's return to television in a lead role after her critically acclaimed turn in The Americans was met with much praise due to The Diplomat's caustically funny interpretation of a political drama. The series is a mix of humor and the high stakes of keeping the globe from erupting into World War III because the British Prime Minister has gone rogue and off the rails.

Russell has been nominated for Best Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Series for her portrayal of Kate Wyler, the show's main character who's thrust into the role of US Ambassador to the UK when she was supposed to be heading to the UK and getting a divorce from her husband, Hal. This is her fourth Golden Globe nomination; she won in 1999 for Felicity.

The Last of Us Episode 8 /

The Last of Us

  • Streamer: Max
  • Renewed?: Yes, for a season 2 expected in 2025.
  • First time Golden Globe nominee

The Last of Us took the world by storm when it premiered on HBO. The sci-fi zombie drama takes place in a future where fungi have transformed the population into ravenous creatures with the sole goal of spreading the infection to everyone in their path. In this increasingly hopeless world, the promise of immunity through a young teen named Ellie is both an exciting and dangerous prospect.

Her guardian, Joel, is her protector but he's also dealing with his own trauma as he knew a time before the world cratered into disaster and survival became the chief priority among the population. Genre television is rarely lauded at the bigger award shows but the compelling nature of this show, adapted from a hit video game series, truly did capture the attention of many viewers who've never tuned into a story set post-apocalypse.

Both Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal, who play The Last of Us' respective leads, have been nominated for Golden Globes as well.

The Morning Show season 3 on Apple TV+ /

The Morning Show

Streamer: Apple TV+
Renewed?: Yes, for a season 4. Premiere date TBD.
Golden Globe wins as of 2024: 0 wins, 9 nominations

The Morning Show is a newsroom drama that has soapy tendencies that its audience loves. The series premiered in 2019, introducing viewers to Alex Levy while on the brink of career ruin thanks to her on-air partner's firing due to sexual misconduct. She's partnered with Bradley Jackson, a field reporter who is impulsive and unused to the political warfare of Morning TV (let's just say it's a steep learning curve).

Over the course of its run, the series has done storylines around the #METOO movement, the insurrection at the Capitol, the invasion of the Ukraine by Russia, and the pandemic. Season 3 saw The Morning Show dealing with the growing pains of the in-show network's subscription service and a company take over.

This is the show's third Golden Globe nomination. Bill Crudup is also nominated for Best Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role on Television. This is his second nomination for his portrayal of Cory Ellison, the CEO of UBA.

A photo from the production of episode 404 of “Succession”. Photo: David M. Russell/HBO ©2022 HBO. All Rights Reserved. /


  • Streamer: Max
  • Renewed?: No. It's fourth season was its last season.
  • Golden Globe wins as of 2024: 5 wins (2 for the series; 3 for its actors), 18 nominations

Like The Crown, Succession is in the midst of its last awards season lap. The HBO series, which began its run in 2018, tells the story of the Roys. The well-to-do family is a part of a media dynasty that was built from the ground up through the sweat, work, and ruthlessness of Logan Roy. His children--Roman, Shiv, Kendall, and Connor--grew up extremely privileged and it shows.

The drama is the kind of water cooler television that had viewers logging out of social media or at least attempting to mute certain tags in order not to get spoiled especially in its final season when a game changing plot development left the audience shook with how early in the season it happened. Succession has been nominated for a Golden Globe three times; the show won in 2020 and 2022 but it's got stiff competition in 2024.

Brian Cox, Kieran Culkin, Jeremy Strong, Sarah Snook, Matthew Macfadyen, Alan Ruck, Alexander Skarsgård, and J. Smith-Cameron are all up for a Golden Globe this year. Cox won a Golden Globe in 2020 for the role of Logan Roy. Strong and Snook won in 2022 for their portrayals of Kendall and Shiv Roy, respectively.

Best Television Series - Musical or Comedy

ABBOTT ELEMENTARY - ABC's Abbott Elementary stars Chris Perfetti as Jacob, Quinta Brunson as Janine, Lisa Ann Walter as Melissa, Sheryl Lee Ralph as Barbara, William Stanford Davis as Mr. Johnson, Tyler James Williams as Gregory, and Janelle James as Ava. (ABC/Matt Sayles) /

Abbott Elementary

  • Streamer: Hulu and Max
  • Renewed?: Season 3 premieres Wednesday, Feb. 7 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC
  • Golden Globe wins as of 2024: 3 wins (1 for the series; 2 for its actors), 7 nominations

Once again Abbott Elementary is pulling off a feat that network TV has struggled with in the age of streaming, it's getting recognition from the Academy. Since its premiere in 2021, the ABC comedy has become a household staple for viewers tuning in to find out what shenanigans the teachers, staff, and students will be getting up to at Abbott.

Season 2 of the series saw second grade teacher Jeanine Teagues navigating the waters of being single for the first time since she was a teenager and learning to go after what she wants for herself in life. The fan favorite "will they, won't they" relationship between her and former sub turned first grade teacher Gregory Eddie was also a highlight of the season.

Abbott Elementary won in this category last year. Creator and star Quinta Brunson walked away with a Golden Globe as did Tyler James Williams for Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series - Comedy/Musical or Drama for his performance as Gregory. Brunson is nominated this year as well for Best Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Series - Musical or Comedy.

Barry season 4. Photograph by Courtesy of HBO. /


  • Streamer: Max
  • Renewed?: No. It's fourth season was its last season
  • Golden Globe wins as of 2024: 0 wins, 11 nominations

Joining the ranks of The Crown and Succession, Barry is in its last award season. The black comedy, created by and starring Bill Hader, has enraptured its audience since 2018. There's just something about a hit man starting to question his life choices after joining an acting class that truly won people over. The show's fourth and final season picks up with Barry in jail, seeking to make amends for the wrong he's done to those in his life.

This is Barry's fourth nomination in this category. It's also Hader's fourth nomination for his role as the titular character.

The Bear
The Bear -- Season 2 -- Season two of FX’s “The Bear,” the critically acclaimed original series, follows Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto (Jeremy Allen White), Sydney Adamu (Ayo Edebiri) and Richard “Richie” Jerimovich (Ebon Moss- Bachrach) as they work to transform their grimy sandwich joint into a next-level spot. As they strip the restaurant down to its bones, the crew undertakes transformational journeys of their own, each forced to confront the past and reckon with who they want to be in the future. /

The Bear

  • Streamer: Hulu
  • Renewed?: Yes, for a season 3 expected in 2024.
  • Golden Globe wins as of 2024: 1 win (acting category), 7 nominations

How does one describe The Bear? The FX on Hulu series is one of a kind, introducing viewers to the cutthroat and anxiety-inducing world of the culinary industry by way of Carmy's exit from it upon the death of his brother in order to run The Beef, his family's restaurant. The first season is a chaos machine that's at turns uncomfortable, heartbreaking, and hilarious. In contrast, its second season feels like a meditation on the past and the present as the characters grow into the people they believe they can be if given the opportunity. Season 3 is a highly anticipated release.

So far, The Bear has one Golden Globe to its name thanks to Jeremy Allen White's win for Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical. He's nominated again this year and joining him are first time nominees Abby Elliott, Ayo Edibiri, and Ebon Moss-Bachrach.

Jury Duty
Jury Duty. Courtesy of Amazon Freevee. /

Jury Duty

  • Streamer: Amazon Freevee
  • Renewed?: No. The premise of the series doesn't lend itself to a season 2, but there's been no official word that it's a one and done.
  • First time Golden Globe nominee

Freevee's breakout hit, Jury Duty, came as a surprise. No one could have guessed watching Ronald Gladden not being in on the joke would have endeared so many people but it did! The former solar contractor was kindhearted and did his best to treat even the zaniest of his fellow jurors with respect and care. The combination of his personality and the actors' antics in and outside of the courtroom won over viewers and Amazon as Gladden has signed a two year overall deal with Amazon MGM Studios to develop unscripted projects.

James Marsden's role as a fictionalized, over-the-top version of himself in Jury Duty has earned him his first Golden Globe nomination. He's competing for Best Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role in Television.

The Show Must…
Only Murders in the Building -- “The Show Must…” - Episode 301 -- Curtain up on Season 3! And Leading Man down! After Ben Glenroy’s collapse on stage, Charles, Oliver & Mabel piece together the show’s first days with a suspicious cast & crew to determine if foul play was involved. Spoiler alert… Mabel (Selena Gomez), Oliver (Martin Short) and Charles (Steve Martin), shown. (Photo by: Patrick Harbron/Hulu) /

Only Murders in the Building

  • Streamer: Hulu
  • Renewed?: Yes, for a season 4 expected in 2024.
  • Golden Globes wins as of 2024: 0 wins, 12 nominations

In this true crime obsessed world, there's no wonder Only Murders in the Building has hooked people. Plus you get three leads like Selena Gomez, Martin Short, and Steven Martin together and there's no way magic won't be created.

The series follows Mabel, Oliver, and Charles who start a podcast together as they work to solve a murder that took place in their building. From there the show expands, twisting and turning, and make us laugh the whole way through. Season 3 follows yet another case after Ben collapses at the premiere of Oliver's Broadway play leading to a whodunit that features icon Meryl Streep.

Once again Gomez, Short, and Martin have been nominated for Golden Globes so has Streep. The legendary actress has had 9 Golden Globe wins and 34 nominations in her storied career.

Brendan Hunt, Brett Goldstein, Nick Mohammed and Jason Sudeikis in "Ted Lasso," now streaming on Apple TV+. /

Ted Lasso

  • Streamer: Apple TV+
  • Renewed?: No. While season 3 is expected to be the show's last season, this has not been confirmed.
  • Golden Globe wins as of 2024: 2 wins (both in the acting category), 9 nominations

Presumably, this will be Ted Lasso's last award season though rumors continue to spread that perhaps the comedy has one more season under its belt or at least a spin-off. In any case, the series has been the go-to program on Apple TV+ due to its feel good nature and the underdog story of an American football coach coming aboard to straighten out an English soccer team despite never having coached that particular sport before.

Season 3 of the comedic sports series centered partly on Ted being torn between the team and found family he'd fostered and his desire to be there for his son. It was the kind of plot that resonates because it's about next steps and really coming to terms with what you need for your life and what your family needs.

Ted Lasso's lead and executive producer Jason Sudeikis has won two Golden Globes for his performance (2021 and 2022). He's up again for Best Performance by a Male Actor in a Television Series - Comedy or Musical. Hannah Waddingham has been nominated for Best Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role on Television. This is her second nomination for her role as Rebecca Welton.

Best Television Limited Series, Anthology Series, or Motion Picture Made for Television

All the Light We Cannot See. Aria Mia Loberti as Marie-Laure in episode 101 of All the Light We Cannot See. Cr. Katalin Vermes/Netflix © 2023 /

All the Light We Cannot See

This Netflix wartime drama takes place during World War II and is based on the book of the same name by Anthony Doerrs. Told in four parts, the limited series follows Marie-Laure LeBlanc, a blind French girl who is the daughter of Daniel LeBlanc, the locksmith for Paris' Museum of Natural History.

The teen is a part of the Resistance, broadcasting coded messages for French fighters. Her story intertwines with that of Werner Pfenning, a German soldier who listens to her broadcasts but doesn't turn her in. Marie-Laure's life is upended further when her missing father is thought to have left behind the Sea of Flames, a cursed diamond that is said to grant immortality to those who have it, inciting an escape from Nazi-occupied Paris.

This is All the Light We Cannot See's first and only Golden Globe nomination.

Beef. (L to R) Ali Wong as Amy, Steven Yeun as Danny in episode 110 of Beef. Cr. Andrew Cooper/Netflix © 2023 /


  • Streamer: Netflix
  • Renewed?: No, however, creator Lee Sung Jin has said that the show was originally pitched as an anthology series so a renewal isn't out of the realm of possibility.
  • First time Golden Globe nominee

Beef takes road rage to another level when Danny Cho and Amy Lau's antagonism toward one another leaps to extremes after a bad encounter. This dramedy is an exercise on how anger and spite can lead anyone down a dangerous and reckless path especially when they're unsatisfied with the way life has turned out for them. Both of the show's stars, Ali Wong and Steven Yeun have been nominated for their turns as their respective characters. The actors are first time Golden Globe nominees.

Daisy Jones and The Six - First Look
Daisy Jones and The Six premieres March 3 on Prime Video /

Daisy Jones and The Six

  • Streamer: Prime Video
  • Renewed: No. The series was billed as a limited series though the idea of a season 2 has been floated.
  • First time Golden Globes nominee

Set in the '60s, '70s, and '90s Daisy Jones and The Six follows the rise and fall of the titular fictional rock band who took the U.S. by storm and then split after the lead singers chose to part ways to save themselves. The series was a hit with fans who loved by the book by Taylor Jenkins Reid (like myself!) and newcomers who were enticed by the the show's look, sound, and compelling love story between Billy and Daisy despite their respective vices, mercurial relationship, and Billy's marriage to his wife, Camila.

The leads, Riley Keough and Sam Claflin are up for Best Female and Male Actor in a Limited Series, Anthology Series, or Motion Picture Made for Television. This is Keough's second nomination; she was nominated in the same category back in 2017 for her portrayal of Christine Reade in The Girlfriend Experience. Claflin's nom marks his first one.

"FARGO" -- "Blanket" -- Year 5, Episode 8 (Airs Jan 2) Pictured: Juno Temple as Dorothy “Dot” Lyon, Jon Hamm as Roy Tillman. CR: Michelle Faye/FX /


  • Streamer: Hulu
  • Renewed?: No, however, the series continues to be successful so it's renewal chances are high.
  • Golden Globe wins as of 2024: Season 1 (2 wins, show and actor), Season 3 (1 win, actor category) - 14 nominations for the anthology in total.

Fargo has an interesting position on this list since its the sole anthology. As such, its nominations are based on standalone seasons that tell disparate stories. This year, season 5 is being recognized as are Juno Temple and Jon Hamm. The two actors play Dot Lyon, a housewife with a mysterious past who gets kidnapped, and Roy Tillman, a sheriff she fled from 10 years ago. The tension in their dynamic is apparent throughout.

Temple has received her first Golden Globe nomination for the role. Hamm has been nominated 7 times. He won twice--2008 and 2016--for his work on Mad Men as Don Draper.

101 - You're Wonderful
(L-R): Matt Bomer as Hawkins Fuller and Jonathan Bailey as Tim Laughlin in FELLOW TRAVELERS, "You're Wonderful". Photo credit: Ben Mark Holzberg/SHOWTIME. /

Fellow Travelers

The Showtime limited series, which is available to stream on Paramount+ with Showtime, is a passion project of Matt Bomer's who is also up for a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Hawk Fuller.

The show, based on the book by Thomas Mallon, spans several decades in Hawk and Tim Laughlin's lives. The two meet in the '50s pre-Lavender Scare and spark a romance that turns tumultuous and volatile in the increasingly dangerous, landmine filled landscape of D.C. politics. While Hawk is pragmatic, Tim is idealistic and their differing points of view not only threaten their relationship but also their careers as their personal lives clash with what's expected of their public personas.

This is Bomer's second nomination. He won Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television back in 2015 for his role as Felix Turner in The Normal Heart.

Lessons in Chemistry on Apple TV+ /

Lessons in Chemistry

The Apple TV+ series, adapted from the book by Bonnie Garmus, follows the life of Elizabeth Zott, a chemist turned television star who simply wanted to use her degree and knowledge to push the field forward but the social norms of the '50s restricted her ambitions.

Told through a plot that takes place in both the '50s and the '60s, Lessons in Chemistry centers on Zott's determination to make a name for herself but also the changing times that surround her due to social movements and, through her cooking show Supper at Six, the idea that even one voice can call to many to change the world for the better.

Brie Larson, the show's lead, has been nominated for her role. This marks her second nomination. Larson won the award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture for the film, Room. She also won the Academy award for the part of Joy Newsome that year as well.

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