25 TV Shows that embrace diversity

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Series That Embrace Diversity: American Crime (ABC)

Series Overview: It’s a funny quirk of fate that ABC is playing host to the Oscars this year. Starting with American Crime, ABC has far and away more diverse shows on our countdown than any other network. The most diverse TV station hosting the least diverse awards show is an interesting prospect.

American Crime is an anthology show that is currently in its sophomore season on ABC. Centering on a single crime story, the first season focused on the investigation of a racially charged murder. Created by 12 Years a Slave scribe John Ridley, American Crime received stellar reviews, and the second season is going strong.

Cast Spotlight: Actress Regina King nabbed an Emmy for her performance on the show this year. She played the complicated sister of a man mixed up with the wrong people. The strong emotion and commitment that King brought to the role helped bolster the first season of American Crime from good to great.

Erin Qualey

Series That Embrace Diversity: Arrow (CW)

Series Overview: Irresponsible billionaire playboy Oliver Queen returns home after being presumed dead for five years. Oliver Queen isn’t just alive, he’s returned to Starling City a whole new man, with the mission to clean up his city. Along with his best friend Diggle, childhood friend Laurel, sister Thea, and fiancee Felicity, Oliver Queen takes the identity of Arrow to fight crime.

Cast Spotlight: Team Arrow does not see color! There’s just good guys and bad guys, and we love it! Oliver Queen and John Diggle are friendship goals! The two vigilantes recently made our list of Greatest TV Bromances of the Modern Era. Oliver and Diggle are like brothers, and always have each other’s backs.

Sara Lance (Laurel’s sister) was also revealed as bisexual shortly after being reintroduced in the series. This was a huge deal for fans, as Sara became one of the first LGBT heroes on TV. Another character we love is Curtis Holt, an African-American, gay employee at Palmer Tech that becomes instant besties with Felicity.

Sandy Casanova

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