‘Edge of Alaska’ Finale Exclusive: Is It Time for the Kellers to Say Goodbye to the Homestead?


This Sunday as ‘Edge of Alaska’s’ latest season comes to a close, McCarthy mainstay Jeremy Keller finds himself at a major crossroads in life as he entertains the idea of leaving town!

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“Tourist after tourist after bus load, maybe it’s too big to stop. I’ve still got the money in my pocket and I thought about what we could do with that money if we didn’t buy the land. If we were going to make the change, now would be the time,” Jeremy Keller ponders in the opening moments of our exclusive sneak peek from Sunday’s new Edge of Alaska (Discovery, 10/9c). “Do we want to stay here regardless of how active it gets, how many people move in or do we want to go looking for somewhere else?”

That’s the million dollar question on the mind of Keller family patriarch and his wife Ali as the exciting season of Edge of Alaska comes to a close. As McCarthy’s main protagonist and devoted mainstay, Jeremy finds himself at an unexpected crossroads as the season comes to a close – leaving the entire Keller family’s future up in the air.

After going against everything he stands for by assisting Neil in the competition of the Motherlode Mine, Jeremy can’t help but to wonder if the changing town is still a place where he wants his family to call home. It’s a question that Jeremy and Ali begin to discuss as our exclusive sneak peek from this week’s finale begins, as the duo discuss the possibility of finding the wild again and leaving McCarthy behind in their rearview mirrors.

“This is a big decision and there is nothing easy about it. We have to take into account what everyone in our family feels or thinks about what we should do, but in the end it’s up to Ali and I to make a decision that’s best for the family.”

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Don’t miss the Edge of Alaska season finale Sunday, December 18 at 10/9c only on Discovery Channel! 

What decision will Jeremy and Ali settle upon and how will it affect the series moving forward? Keep the conversation going in the comments section below and be sure to tune into this week’s Edge of Alaska finale to find out!