‘Bob’s Burgers’: The Need For More Gene-Centered Episodes


The most underrated character on ‘Bob’s Burgers’ is Gene Belcher. He’s funny and entertaining so why aren’t there more Gene episodes?

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Fans of Bob’s Burgers are usually known for their love for Tina. Her obsession with all things boys and butts resonate with people along with qualities Louise and Bob have. Gene Belcher seems more like a side character sometimes who is there for comic relief. He deserves a chance to shine though as prove by “Like Gene For Chocolate.”  There will be spoilers from “Like Gene For Chocolate.” 

In the show’s last seven seasons, there has been around seven Gene-centered episodes. In comparison to Bob or Tina, that’s a really slim number. Sometimes, the Gene episodes aren’t specifically labeled that, either. Sometimes episodes will feature plots with Gene but other characters will truly be the focus. Regardless, it always seems like Gene gets the short straw.

One of the earliest Gene-centered episodes is “Beefsquatch.” In the episode, Gene plays the entertainer and he wears a Sasquatch mask, becoming famous via Bob’s recipe video. During the episode, Gene is able to express himself and we get to see some flashbacks too. It’s another good representation of Bob and Gene’s relationship too.

A personal favorite is “O.T.: The Outside Toilet.” Gene befriends a talking toilet and learns some responsibility. Throughout the episode, we see Gene as a more mature character and less focused on being entertaining. The best part of the episode has to be Jon Hamm voicing the toilet. Even if you’re not into the show, that episode is worth checking out.

Two other episodes that focus on Gene are “Gene It On” and Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl.” Gene’s entertaining personality is displayed in both episodes. “Gene It On” features Gene as a cheerleader who gets an attitude but gets over himself to help the team. Gene is by no means a selfish character, but it truly shows his character development.

The last episode, “Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl” shows his character development and why he’s such an entertaining character. Who else would come up with a Die Hard musical? His motive for his musical is originally spite but in the end, he gets over it. He decides to work with his “enemy” Courtney and doesn’t want to put on his play unless the two both get a chance. You can check out clips from both musicals below!

Then there’s “Like Gene For Chocolate.” The episode begins with Louise and Tina telling Gene’s a quitter, not a finisher. Then Gene finds out his favorite chocolate formula has been changed and goes on a mission to change it back. Gene eventually gets a meeting with the board of directors and is able to convince them to change it back almost. The cost was too much but he was able to get the old boxes so still a win. This is easily one of the best Gene episodes because it’s funny while showing Gene’s maturity and character development too.

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The biggest credit to Gene’s success has to be Eugene Mirman. Mirman’s voice makes everything funnier including Gene’s jokes and singing. Plus he knows exactly how to make all his snappy one-liners that much funnier. Eugene Mirman, don’t change a thing.

Gene is entertaining in every sense of the word. He sings, makes jokes and is an all-around fun character. Gene deserves to be in the spotlight as much as the other characters too. Maybe it’s because he’s the middle child but more Gene episodes need to happen. Gene is a one-of-a-kind character who deserves to have his story told too. Hopefully, Bob’s Burgers takes the hint and makes more next season.

Bob’s Burgers airs Sundays on Fox at 7:30/6:30c. 

What did you think of “Like Gene For Chocolate?” Should there be more Gene-centered episodes or do you think he’s better as a side character? Be sure to let me know in the comments!